Red River Meetinghouse Awakenings for Fall 2022
By Tom Ruley

Posted on August 28, 2022 5:06 PM

We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful responses we received to the last newsletter. Please continue to send your testimonies and memories of RRMH. Here are a few of your responses; we will have to save others for a later newsletter and some had to be shortened due to limited space.

“Thank you for the encouraging newsletter. Please keep me on your mailing list. It is such a blessing to hear what our Lord is doing at the RRMH. John and I were only there a couple of times but there is 'something wonderful' about that place. I would like to donate this money towards the construction of the picnic pavilion in memory of John L Morgan, Winchester, KY. Thank you for all you do. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you Shalom.” Julie Morgan

“I hope someday to go there and soak in the fire of the Holy Spirit and pull and learn from the past anointed & bring it into today.” Linda Pinckert

“I would very much like to continue to receive the newsletter. I am the niece of Frank Walton, who is mentioned in the Feb/2022 newsletter. Frank is married to my father's sister, Sandra Adams Walton. I am also the granddaughter of John and Maritza Adams, who had a farm within a mile of the meetinghouse. I remember driving by the meetinghouse when I was a child. It holds a special place in my heart.

“When I took my children to visit their great-grandmother, Maritza Adams, in 1984, I took a picture of my daughter, Carolyn Taylor Payton, with her great-grandmother Maritza together looking out the window at RRMH. Then in June 2021, my granddaughter, Abigail Payton (great-great granddaughter of Maritza) and I went to tour the RRMH. In all, five generations have been to the meetinghouse. Maritza Adams, her oldest son, my father, James Donald Adams, Jan Adams Taylor, Carolyn Taylor Payton and Abigail Payton have all enjoyed this wonderful structure to our Lord. I have attached photos. Thank you so much for working to keep this sacred meetinghouse for future generations to worship in and tour.” Jan Adams Taylor

“Thank you for sending the recent newsletter. It was such a blessing to read my story and those of others who have also been greatly blessed to visit the RRMH. I would love to continue to receive these letters as it reminds me to pray for the work that is ongoing there.” Denise Hatton

"Yes, we do want the Newsletter. We are not on Facebook so it's important to keep up. Thank you for all you are doing. We drop in there occasionally and attend meetings when we can. Thanks, James C. and Joyce Joines (Editor's note) These wonderful people are ages 97 and 86. Aged warriors, but still fighting for the Lord's work. Thank you, James and Joyce. Not too many that age would even feel like getting out these days. Let alone, come out to RRMH through grass, uneven ground and climb steps to the meetinghouse.

Red River Awakenings

Revival June 16-18, 2022 at RRMH, A Cry for Mercy Revival was held. It was led through Wildfire Ministries led by Chris and Kristina Board and was nothing short of glorious. These meetings have been held twice a year for the past few years. From attending in the past, I knew I was going to experience the thick presence of God all weekend. I brought a prayer partner I had just met a couple weeks previously by divine appointment. Every night, the music leaders lead us to worship.

The preaching was anointed and powerful. It was obvious the Holy Spirit was running the show. While preaching, Chris Board would sense that God wanted to speak through another person and would graciously hand the microphone over to the person that God had chosen for that moment. So far in my life, I have not experienced anything more amazing than being among other people that have surrendered their lives to Jesus and His love. It is the sense of freedom, knowing I'm in a very loving place, and the presence of God that keeps me coming back for more. Dr Lisa Ely

Red River Awakenings

Annual Meeting. Sept. 11, will be our annual dinner/business meeting. The speaker will be Circuit Judge Joe Hendricks from Russellville. The potluck dinner will begin at 1 an p.m.d the church service/business meeting will be at 2.

Annual Campmeeting and Rendezvous October 14-16. Contact Tom Ruley 270-586-7632 for more information.

Christmas parade and Annual Candlelight Service Dec. 4,  at 4:p.m. following the annual Schochoh Christmas parade that begins at 2 p.m.

WEBSITE: Many thanks to Matthew Ruley for getting the website up and running. Visit for calendar of events and more.

HOW TO GIVE: Unique ways to give are detailed on the website: These include Amazon Smile, and our contribution information.

BOOKS FOR SALE: The Grapevine in Adairville has many items to purchase for RRMH, including books written by local authors about RRMH. Glenda Orme Clark and Dreama Ruley also have books you can order through Amazon. Details are on our website:

“They Roared Like Lions, Melanie Meadow's sequel to The Waking Up, has been released. In this next installment in the Revival in the Kentucky Frontier series, readers follow the McMillan and McPherson families as they make the long trek to Cane Ridge for the famous August 1801 revival meeting. New characters and old intersect and experience the outpouring of God's Spirit.

To receive your copy, go to Melanie Meadow Author

Author Melanie Meadow. Writer of historical fiction, Southern fiction -- books with roots in the past, grounded in Christian values. or you can find They Roared Like Lions on Amazon.” She is expecting to get her paperback books toward the end of August and they will be sold locally at The Grapevine and Shops at 110 In Adairville. and Mustard Seed Marketplace in Franklin.

Glenda Orme Clark and Dreama Ruley also have books you can order through Amazon. Details are on our

SPECIAL THANKS to all the churches and individuals who support RRMH. Your tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. Your funds go a long way with keeping up the grounds, repairs and improvements. Thank you SO much!

SPECIAL PROJECT: We are raising funds for the picnic pavilion that will be added onto the restrooms. Many groups have picnics here and sheltered tables would be a blessing for them.

RESTROOMS are available for rent; $100 deposit and $100 to rent per day for church gatherings, weddings, revivals, etc. Please contact Richard Moore at 270-539-6528 to reserve the grounds for your next event and to ensure that the restrooms are available. Due to vandalism the restrooms are only open by reservation, but the outhouse behind the meetinghouse is always open.

Red River Meetinghouse and Cemetery, Inc. c/o Richard Moore, President, 2459 Trimble Rd., Adairville, KY 42202

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