Dollar General adding a Dunmor location
By Jim Turner

Posted on September 26, 2022 10:57 AM


When Dunmor area resident Barry Silvey wrote on Facebook recently  that Dollar General is adding a store in Dunmor, it drew a lot of reaction, mostly positive.

Lots of excitement in our little village. The Dunmor Wal Mart or better known as The Dollar General Store is about to become a reality. Some call it progress while others say it's not needed. The store is located on what used to be the Byran Baugh property. It will be nice to go a couple of miles and shop for basic home supplies. Our world continues to change,” wrote the retired school administrator and coach, now a cattleman and Bluegrass musician.

Dunmor is located along the Logan County-Muhlenberg County line north of Lewisburg and near Lake Malone.

Gayla Luckett responded, “It’s been running through my mind lately that I think Mama would have been very pleased with this had it happened at a time in her life where she could have enjoyed it. I think Hazel and Juanita would have enjoyed it, too. I plan to enjoy the convenience.”

She was referring to Silvey’s mother, Juanita Silvey, and her mother, Hazel Skipworth, who lived near where the new store is located. Mrs. Silvey wrote the Dunmor community happenings, respectively, in The News-Democrat & Leader for decades.

Other responses included “it’s an ever-changing world,” ”much needed for lots of lake folks” and “with gas prices so high, this will help a lot of people.”

A comment that reflects the mixed emotions often felt when ‘progress’ arrives came from Jay Baugh, who grew up in Russellville but has lived in the Nashville area for many years. He said:

Thanks for sharing this picture. It’s kind of hard for me to like your post since they tore down my grandparents’ house to build this store, but it will be nice for those who live nearby to get some basic supplies without having to drive so far.

Barry Silvey said one the men building the store said that Dollar General wants to place a store every nine miles. Silvey said this one is about nine miles from Lewisburg and then another nine miles to the store in Beechmont.

Russellville has a large Dollar General Market and two new smaller stores on the Franklin and Chandlers (Morgantown) roads. Dollar Stores are also located in Adairville and Auburn.

In mid-20th century, a Dollar Store and a Turner’s Department Store both were located in downtown Russellville. They were part of the beginning of the mammoth Dollar General corporation, which was founded by Cal Turner Sr. of Scottsville.



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