Young family offering pasture-fed chicken meat at Logan Farmers Market
By Jim Turner

Posted on August 22, 2023 6:52 AM


A welcome addition to the Logan County Farmers’ Market this summer has been a family fresh meea operation which features pasture-fed chickens on the young family’s farm.

The face of the marketing is Louise Newswrangler who describes herself as “entrepreneur, business owner and wife of my crazy, supportive, and loving husband Shane, who encourages me in all my endeavors.“

The chickens are raised in portable coops. They graze on the Newswranglers’ ample pastures and then are moved to another location daily. The Newswranglers use sustainable farming practices, avoiding the use of antibiotics and GMOs.

They believe this natural way to produce food is crucial at “a time in history when lab-raised ‘meat’ is being marketed for human consumption.”

“Out of a passion spurred by a pursuit for better health for myself and our son a desire to offer a quality meat product to the local community, we’re raising pastured chicken meat and selling locally. Our passion is deeper than just profit,” she says. “We love connecting with our local community, supporting Farmer’s Markets and other small businesses by selling both retail and wholesale.”

The Newswranglers’ chicken meat is processed in a USAD certified facility and then frozen for safety and convenience in handling.

Shane builds the portable chicken coops and will construct them for customers if they make an order.

The Newswranglers have nine children, several of whom are involved in the farming and meat production operations.

The Logan County Farmer’s Market is located behind the UK Extension Office, Tuesdays from noon-3 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m.-noon/ They join other vendors who are selling everything from farm fresh vegetables (some of which is grown without chemicals), locally grown mushrooms, herbal tincture, flowers to sweet baked treats for all your sugar cravings.

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