LCHS FFA honors members for outstanding year

Posted on May 29, 2014 10:55 AM

Monica Nolan, Kaitlynn Brown, Thomas Poole and Savanna Woodall were among the top award winners at the recent Logan County FFA Banquet.

Nolan was named Chapter Star Farmer, Brown is the Chapter Star Agribusinessman, and Poole was named Chapter Star in Placement and was the co-winner with Woodall of Oustanding FFA Member honors.

Others winning Outstanding Membership Awards were Jack Wright, Luke Davenport, Andrew Milam, Jaclyn Batchelor, Matt Edgar and Jackson Campbell (Freshman Leadership); Kenton Howard (Sophomore Leadership), Wesley Estes (Junior Leadership), Nolan (Senior Leadership); Peyton Goodhue and Ann-Meguiar Bouldin (Freshman Scholarship), Morgan Hunt (Sophomore Scholarship), Ben Wright (Junior Scholarship), Woodall (Senior Scholarship); Dalton Nash, Milam Zach Brinkley and D.J. Price (Star Greenhand).

Reporter Jessica Brown says, “On May 4 the Logan County FFA held its annual banquet to award all of the outstanding members and their achievements for the past year. Many awards were given to members. Over 170 awards were given out that day. The chapter as a whole had a very successful year. The chapter would not be as successful as it is without our advisors.

“A lot of time and effort is put into making our chapter a success, and the banquet is just one way to show all the work that has been put in. One of the major things the chapter does is cook for the community; as of the banquet we have cooked over 6,500 sandwiches. We would like to give a big thanks to the alumni and community for all of the support. We look to have just as successful year next year.”

Other recognitions:

Thomas Poole.....................President 2013-2014

Savanna Woodall...............Vice-President 2013-2014

Shelby Baldwin..................Treasurer 2013-2014

Kaitlynn Brown..................Reporter 2013-2014

Monica Nolan.....................Sentinel 2013-2014

Braxton Powell...................Chaplain 2013-2014

Rachel Simmons.................Parliamentarian 2013-2014

Adam Wilkins....................2nd Vice-President 2013-2014

DJ Lee................................3rd Vice- President 2013-2014


Ag. Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Ent. ~ Wesley Hadden

Ag. Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Placement ~ Nick Stuart

Ag. Mechanics Design and Fabrication Ent. ~ Wesley Hadden

Agricultural Processing ~ Shelby Blythe

Ag. Sales Placement ~ Thomas Poole

Ag. Services Placement ~ Adam Wilkins

Agri-Science Integrated Systems Research ~ Shelby Blythe

Agri-Science Research Plant Systems Placement ~Ashley Brinkley

Agri-Science Research Animal Systems Placement ~ Monica Nolan

Beef Production Placement~ Kenton Howard

Dairy Production Placement ~ TJ Pitts

Diversified Ag. Productions Placement ~ Wesley Estes

Diversified Crop Production ~ Adam Wright

Diversified Grain Production Placement ~ Joseph Hallman

Diversified Livestock Production Placement ~ Monica Nolan

Diversified Horticulture Placement ~ Kaitlynn Brown

Emerging Ag. Technologies ~ Alex Hughes

Environmental Science Management Placement ~ Wesley Estes

Equine Science Ent. ~ Kelly Eicher

Grain Production Ent. ~ Adam Wright

Fiber and/or Oil Production ~ Alex Hughes

Forage Production Placement ~ Austin Stamps

Home & Community Development Placement ~ Jessica Brown

Landscape Management ~ Patrick Cruz

Nursery Operations ~ Megan Ferguson

Poultry Production Placement ~ Asa Cornelious

Small Animal Production and Care Placement ~ Hunter Bailey

Specialty Animal Production ~ Hunter Bailey

Specialty Crop Production Placement ~ Kaitlyn Brown

Swine Production Ent. ~ Elizabeth VanZee

Swine Production Placement ~ Kelly Eicher

Turf Grass Management ~ Justin Venable

Vegetable Production Placement ~ Adam Wilkins

Wildlife Management Placement ~ Thomas Poole


Agricultural Skills Contest

Environthon Team: Will Hughes, Abby Arnold, Morgan Hunt, Shelby Blythe, Jenna Simmons, Thomas Poole, Kenton Howard, Wesley Estes, D.J. Lee, Adam Wilkins and Wesley Hadden

Livestock Judging Team: Poole, Woodall, Nolan, Connor Williams

Small Engine Team: Adam Wright, Howard, Justin Hines, Zac McElfresh

Dairy Judging Team: Wilkins, Hughes, Estes, Nick Stuart

Ag Sales Team: Estes, Stuart, Ashley Brinkley, Kelly Eicher

Meats Team: Howard, Hughes, Wright, William Bagby

Welding Team: Katlyn Stamps, Zach Fuller, Joseph Hallman, Josh Stratton

Agronomy Team: Hunt, Arnold, Blythe, Simmons

Ag Mechanics Team: Dalyn Chapman, Cott Whitmon, Hughes  

Record Keeping Team: Kailee Moore, Paige Brown, Brinkley, Andrew Milam

Ag Issues Team: Poole, Woodall, Brown, Lee, Shelby Baldwin

Soil Judging Team: Abby Arnold, Blythe, Simmons, Hunt

Chapter Meeting Team: Poole, Woodall, Estes, Baldwin, Brown, Nolan, Brinkley, Howard, Hunt, Stuart, Arnold

Freshman Parliamentary Procedure Team: Milam, David Coleman, D.J. Price, Ann-Meguiar Bouldin, Blake Taylor, Coleman White, Dru Brown, Peyton Check, Seth Cole


Treasurer’s Book ~ Shelby Baldwin

Secretary’s Book ~ Wesley Estes

AIC Contest ~ Morgan Hunt


Ryan Neal was the Top Fruit Salesman and Abby Arnold won Ag Interview competition

FFA Quiz Contest ~ Ann-Meguiar Bouldin

Creed Contest ~ Andrew Milam

Greenhouse Awards ~ Josh Stratton, Cody Goodman

Ag. Mechanics Awards ~ Lane Woodward, Zach Fuller

Public Speaking ~ Kaitlynn Brown

Extemporaneous Public Speaking ~ Wesley Estes

Impromptu Speaking Ag. Mechanics ~ Nick Stuart

Impromptu Speaking Beef ~ Kenton Howard

Impromptu Speaking Crop ~ DJ Lee

Impromptu Speaking Dairy ~ Connor Williams

Impromptu Speaking Fruit/Vegetable ~ Abby Arnold

Impromptu Speaking Greenhouse ~ Ashley Brinkley

Impromptu Speaking Floral ~ Jenna Simmons

Impromptu Speaking Nursery/Landscape ~ Savanna Woodall

Impromptu Speaking Sheep ~ Shelby Blythe

Impromptu Speaking Small Animal ~ Morgan Hunt

Impromptu Speaking Swine ~ Jessica Brown

Impromptu Speaking Turf/Lawn ~ Thomas Poole

Impromptu Speaking Horse ~ Kelly Eicher

Impromptu Speaking Goat ~ Shelby Baldwin

Impromptu Speaking Poultry ~ Adam Wilkins


                                       Ag Co-op Students




Garrett Abbott

Cates Cabinets


Shelby Baldwin

Milam & Brooks


 Chenia Bilicki

Gipson Farms


 Wesley Blick

H&H Sheetmetal


Zach Fuller

Precision Strip


Marah Harris

Hunters Den


Joe Holliday

Holliday Farms


J.R. Morrow



Adam Nash

Nash Farms


Monica Nolan

Southern States


Cassy Pentecost

Cayce Mill Supply


Thomas Poole

Shaker Equipment


Braxton Powell

Logan Co. Animal Clinic


Rachel Simmons

Moore Insurance


Katlyn Stamps

T.J. Pitts

Jon-Clarc Todd

Bethany Phelps

Stamps Farms

Pitts Dairy Farm

Southern States

Phelps Overhead Door


Sarah Vanzee

Hedges Attorney


Jesse Vincent

Piggly Wiggly


Savanna Woodall

Lewisburg Bank


Lane Woodward

Southern States


State FFA Degree Camdidates: Thomas Poole, Savanna Woodall, Shelby Baldwin, Kaitlynn Brown, Monica Nolan, Braxton Powell, Adam Wilkins, D.J. Lee, Will Hughes

American Degree Candidates: Caroline Milam, Addie Baldwin, Amanda Shoemake, Taylor tinsley, Mallory Wright, Austin Smotherman, Davey Vincent


2014-15 Officers: President Wesley Estes, Vice President Ashley Brinkley, Secretary Nick Stuart, Treasurer Connor Williams, Reporter Jessica Brown, Sentinel Kelly Eicher, Chaplain Kenton Howard, Parliamentarian Morgan Hunt, 2nd Vice President Abby Arnold, 3nd Vice President Shelby Bythe


                              2014-2015 Jr. Officers

                    Vice-President ~ Jenna Simmons

                    Secretary ~ Matt Tinsley

                    Treasurer ~ Brianna Wooden

                    Reporter ~ Sarah Tinsley

                    Sentinel ~ William Bagby

                    Chaplain ~ Elizabeth VanZee

                    Parliamentarian ~ Adam Wright

                    2nd Vice President ~ Alex Hughes

                    3rd Vice President ~ Andrew Milam


                    2014-2015 Committee Chairmen

                SAE ~ Jackson Allen

                            Co-chairman ~ Coleman White

                Leadership ~ Ann-Meguiar Bouldin

                            Co-chairman ~ Blake Taylor

                Scholarship ~ DJ Price

                            Co-chairman ~ Claire Wilson

                Recreation ~ Dalton Nash

                            Co-chairman ~ Kendra Proctor

                Cooperation ~ Seth Cole

                            Co-chairman ~ Jaclyn Batchelor

                Alumni ~ Zach Brinkley   

                            Co-chairman ~ Dru Brown

                Public Relations ~ Paige Brown

                            Co-chairman ~ Peyton Goodhue

                Earnings & Savings ~ Kailee Moore

                            Co-chairman ~ Jessie Collins

                Conduct of Meetings ~ Peyton Chick

                            Co-chairman ~ Ryan Yates

                Community Service ~ David Coleman

                            Co-chairman ~ Megan Ferguson





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