Adairville starts flooding with grades 1-3

Posted on September 24, 2015 3:58 PM

This year, Adairville Primary students are being “flooded” with teachers and phonics skills in grades 1-3. Each grade 1-3 has a 30-minute skill-building period each day.

During the assigned time, teachers from all over the building come to the primary wing to assist the classroom teachers. The reading interventionist, media specialist, PE teacher, music teacher, and special ed teachers all come down to help with “flooding” each day.

With these additional staff members, students are divided into groups of no more than 10 in most cases - most groups are even smaller. Small groups give students more one-on-one attention from their teachers and help teachers to focus on skills that need the most practice.

The curriculum used during flooding focuses on developing early phonics skills to help with decoding. Students are given opportunities to learn different types of syllable patterns, sort words, and read passages. The program is very systematic and hands-on and keeps students engaged.

What do students and teachers have to say about the new program?

Reading Interventionist Kaye Hendricks, shares, “I love that the new program is teaching all students strategies for decoding tricky words. Students are learning to analyze syllables in words and then they use what they know to sound out new words.”

Students like flooding too. After saying all of his vowel sounds, second grader Luke Shanklin says, “It’s awesome! I think it’s really fun and the most fun thing is going to a new room to learn.”

Second grader Angel Lara says, “I like flooding because it’s learning about fun stuff and vowels. I love vowels! And, also, we learn about reading.”

First grader John Michael Allen says, “I think it helps me to read and then I can help other people. And I think it’s awesome.”

First grader Brianna McLean says, “I love it! We get to write words, and I love to write!”

Mrs. Hendricks concludes, “Way to go, Adairville for taking a chance on a new curriculum that will enhance student reading skills that are crucial for academic success!”

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