Stevenson preschoolers take a walk to kindergarten
By Penni Nugent

Posted on May 29, 2016 9:15 PM

Thursday, May 12, this year’s Stevenson Elementary Preschoolers and their families celebrated their last day as they enjoyed a terrific lunch together.

Their beloved Preschool teacher, Christy Scarbrough, was back for a visit after her recent scare of a cardiac arrest, and she was greeted with squeals as she doled out plenty of hugs and received lots of well-wishes.

Each family member was graciously "served" lunch, as the preschoolers were “BIG BOYS AND GIRLS” and went through the cafeteria line to become familiar with the routine for next year in Kindergarten!

However, this year their “transitioning” was also learning what to do when the fire alarm sounds. Their teachers sprang to action and directed each one to the proper safe place. What an exciting day!

Then, the time came for "the tour" to those "higher halls of learning"! Each Preschooler was presented a packet to assist them in retaining all they've learned this year and to help them get a step ahead for the new year. They also received a free book, "The Night before Kindergarten." This was definitely a day of celebrating another milestone in these little ones' lives.

Many words of ‘Thanks’ and ‘Gratefulness’ were expressed by all.

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