Auburn students Learning Here, Learning There, Learning Everywhere
By Sarah Hatton, Assistant Principal

Posted on October 11, 2016 9:58 PM

Learning at Auburn School is not confined to the four walls of the classroom, as Auburn’s third and fourth graders recently experienced! Students explored their community, the world around them, and their own imaginations in two fun-filled, hands-on days of learning.

All fourth grade students recently participated in Farm Safety Day at the Logan County Extension Office. This trip allowed students the opportunity to interact with guest speakers, as well as high school volunteers from both Logan County and Russellville high schoos, to learn how students can be safer in our community. Topics of discussion included bicycle safety, electrical safety, water safety, sun safety, flooding safety, and many more.

One fourth grader from Mrs. Jamie Metcalfe's class, Chloe Vandivier, said she was very inspired from her trip, particularly the segment about canoe safety, as it taught her how important it can be to be safe around water. According to Chloe, "CPR and other techniques used to save lives could really be helpful to learn. I think that I might want to be a doctor now--after just learning about how to rescue someone who fell into extremely cold water.”

The head of the canoe safety program, Mitch Shanklin, has taught swimming/Red Cross classes at the Carpenter Center for years. Chloe said that when she saw the CPR model that Mr. Shanklin used, it really made her think about someone getting hurt in a boat--especially if this person was not wearing a lifejacket.

Students from all across the county were also introduced to true hometown heroes. They interacted with officers from the Russellville Police Department and even tried to put out an electronic flame with a fire extinguisher with local firefighters. All students will reflect on their experiences as they participate in a poster contest sponsored by the extension office.

Auburn’s third graders enjoyed a jam-packed field trip to Western Kentucky University on Thursday, Sept. 15. The first stop was Van Meter Hall to see a Roald Dahl’s play, The BFG. After enjoying lunch at Cici’s Pizza, with a surprise popsicle treat from a parent with Gigi’s Cupcakes, students returned to WKU for a science lesson.

Members of WKU’s SKY Teach program, who are training to be classroom teachers, directed a science experiment with students. Last, students were able to visit the Hardin Planetarium to see “Motions in the Sky.”

Students had such a wonderful day and learned so much! 

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