Benefit planned for Cliff Kennedy family Saturday at Lewisburg
By Jim Turner

Posted on October 14, 2016 11:38 PM

A benefit chili supper and auction will be held at Lewisburg School Saturday night for the Cliff and Angie Kennedy family.

Cliff Kennedy has stage 4 naseopharyngeal carcinoma cancer. He works for Total Construction.

Many businesses and individuals have donated items—some of them very valuable—to be auctioned.

Susan Porter, who has organized the event along with Angie Kennedy, says, “I have some good news concerning the benefit Saturday! Cliff) is gonna do his best to be at the benefit; however, we all need to remember that Cliff's immune system is down and he currently has a cold .Cliff is receptive to anything/

“With this being said, he will have his mask and his gloves on at all times. Feel free to shake his hand, but we do ask that NO ONE try to hug him or anything as it can cause him to get sicker and none of us want that.” 

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