National Guard presents award to RHS Principal McDaniel
By Penni Nugent

Posted on February 5, 2017 2:15 PM

Russellville High School Principal Kim McDaniel was presented an award from SSG Andrew Louis Pence on Monday. The plaque reads: “National Guard, est. 1636, 100% American Soldier: Presented to an American Patriot for support of our Soldiers in the National Guard who are defending freedom at home and around the world. The American Flag in this case is a replica of those worn by a National Guard Soldier. The Flag Insignia is reversed to suggest the flag is flying in the breeze as the Soldier moves forward.” 

McDaniel said, “Today, SSG Louis Pence presented me with this beautiful plaque. Most of you understand the significance and importance as my son will soon return home to continue his KY National Guard journey! What excites me for him is the fact that he will get to work and serve with people like SSG Pence! Thank you, Sir, as you did not have to do that, yet you understood how precious it would be to me! I will cherish it always!”

Pence responded to Mrs. McDaniel by saying, “I'm extremely thankful to have you in my corner! A lot of recruiters have a tough time getting into their schools, I realize I'm not most recruiters and RJSHS isn't most schools. As soon as I walk in the doors I'm always greeted by the Office staff: Becky Harvey, Mary Celsor, and Rex Booth. Russellville has become another home away from home!

Very soon Mrs. McDaniel’s son Travis will be finished with his Basic Training, which consists of 10 weeks and provides valuable skills like leadership, fitness, survival, marksmanship, and when completed, also provides confidence in one’s self and abilities. The National Guard is our country’s oldest branch of the Military (originally called the Militias) originating in 1636. Soldiers in the National Guard are unique in that they are charged with serving and protecting the nation and the state in which they live.

During the time of national disasters, the Kentucky National Guard is “called to duty” for search and rescue, security, and to help rebuild our communities. In these times of need, the President of the United States may request the National Guard to go anywhere within the 50 states and overseas. 

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