Auburn KUNA shines at state; Hurt named secretary-general
By Tina Owens, Auburn KUNA sponsor

Posted on March 25, 2017 6:14 PM

Auburn Middle School students attended the state KUNA conference on March 5-7. KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) is a three-day experience in Louisville that provides students with a greater appreciation for our global community through hands-on involvement with international issues and solutions.

Seven 6-8 students compose Auburn’s KUNA, led by Mrs. Tina Owens: Calloway Bills, Katie Crump, Austin Haley, Aaron Hinton, Preston Hurt, Mariah Steward, and Katherine Woodward. Students write and debate resolutions addressing global issues. The conference is geared toward developing students’ international consciousness through role-play as they represent one of the members of the United Nations.

Seventh graders Katie Crump, Calloway Bills, and Austin Haley represented the country of Greece and presented a resolution to the conference on “Reclaiming the Watering Supply” in the Mediterranean area.

Reclaimed water is recycled sewage or waste water that is treated in a facility to remove solids and other wastes particles. It’s not safe for drinking, but has many other uses for Greece: irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, and sewage treatment. Seventy percent of the wastewater dumped into the Mediterranean is untreated. In 2017, the beaches and the waters of the once clean Mediterranean Sea are riddled with pollutants and toxins. People and wildlife are in constant danger of these pollutions. Auburn’s KUNA students argued for the construction of two water-reclaiming plants in Greece to help clean up the Mediterranean pollutions.

In addition to the presenting and debating resolutions, Auburn’s KUNA also competed for several awards. The entire group received a Delegation of Excellence Award. Austin Haley received Outstanding Speaker Award, and Aaron Hinton received Outstanding Delegate Award. A special congratulations to Preston Hurt, elected as next year’s Secretary General; he will lead the entire KUNA conference next year!

After the conference, several KUNA students shared their thoughts on the entire process.

“KUNA is a place where kids can go to discuss real world problems. It is a place where kids can voice their opinions. When I went to KUNA, I thought I was going to mess up and that my opinion would not matter. When I came back, I immediately started thinking about how far away the next KUNA was. This year was the first time I went to KUNA, and I hope to try to go again.” -Katie Crump

“KUNA is a place where you can speak your mind. You are able to get out of your comfort zone. I have learned that there are more and serious problems in the world than just in our backyards. Going to Kuna makes me believe that I can change and help the world. During KUNA you are able to be heard and people will listen. It is ok to be wrong because they come up with ways to make it better. Going to a KUNA conference changed my life and it will change yours.” -Mariah Steward

“KU NA has changed my life by encouraging me to talk in front of others, and being out of my comfort zone and speaking. You not only speak yourself, but you listen to others. I have learned about the real life issues that occur in the world not just in Kentucky! KUNA is a place to be heard and discuss the issues of today. At KUNA you have a voice!’-Katherine Woodward

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