Aliza Wilson leads SES Academic Team to 4th in region
By Penni Nugent

Posted on March 5, 2019 8:48 PM

It’s been a great season for the Kentucky Elementary Academic Competition.  Bryan Rush, Academic Coach for Stevenson Elementary, stated he was very proud of all the students that put their time in to show what they know.  

The competition was held Saturday, March 2, at Lewisburg Elementary school.

Russellville brought home 4th place in our region of Kentucky, despite being the smallest team.  

Students achieved this 4th place by taking written tests over subject areas including Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Composition, and Arts and Humanities. The more questions they answered correctly, the higher they ranked among test takers. Depending on their final ranking in the subject area, they scored points for our school. 

Aliza Wilson was the top individual performer, achieving 1st in Language Arts and Arts and Humanities, and also 3rd in Composition. 

Listed is the full roster for the season, and an asterisk is beside the students who competed on March 2, in the regionals: Chloe Penrod* Social studies; Aliza Wilson* Language Arts, Compositio, and Arts and Humanities; Trystanne Hickman* Science and Arts and Humanities; Jae’da Poindexter – Math; Haydon Bird – Science; Jacoia Orvis – Math; Heer Patel – Science; Genesis Terry - Social Studies; PJ Suiter - Language Arts.  The asterisk also signifies they scored in the top 5 of the first competition (District) back in February, so they advanced to compete in Regionals.


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