Auburn roars at Exhibition of Learning Night
By Sarah Hatton, Assistant Principal

Posted on July 24, 2019 4:50 AM

From across the district, students and their families arrived with excitement at the Logan County Career and Technical Center as Logan County Schools hosted their first annual Exhibition of Student Learning Night on April 25.
Throughout the CTC, students were prepared to explain their learning through interactive displays, while ambassadors from each school greeted guests at the door and encouraged them to complete a comment card as they made their rounds. Attendees were able to sample foods, watch demonstrations, be persuaded to take up a cause, and soak in the learning that has taken place in all schools throughout the year.
Auburn School students and teachers were well represented, from the greeting at the door by student council member Dillin Pursley and sponsor Mrs. Stephanie Wheeldon, to the wide variety of presentations of learning. Sydni Blick served as representative of the cumulative, cross-curricular seventh grade project “A Long Walk to Water”, based upon the novel by Linda Sue Park.
After reading in Mrs. Kim Cron’s, Mrs. Lara Bills’, and Mrs. Amy Mooneyhan’s language arts classes, students took their own long walk to water with science teachers Ms. April Engler and Mrs. Angela McColpin by visiting Auburn’s Black Lick Creek. Students took samples and tested the water for pollutants and then designed a filter to remove as many particles as possible.
Middle school students Caroline Kelley and Kayley Hurt wrote a resolution for mock United Nations as part of the Mexican delegation to the 2019 KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) Conference. This resolution, which received an Outstanding Resolution Honor at conference, addressed Education Awareness for Signs of Human Trafficking. Caroline stated that people at the Exhibition Night “learned a lot from it. They understood the big issues we were sharing.”
Eighth grader Ella Moore presented her research and Kentucky state mock legislation regarding Suicide Prevention Education for Kentucky middle school students. “People seemed to have a good understanding of the problems we presented and how they affected our lives today. They agreed that these were problems that needed to be solved ASAP,” Ella stated. Ella was awarded Outstanding Speaker at the 2018 Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) conference in December for her work with this bill. Both KUNA and KYA are sponsored by middle school teacher Mrs. Tina Owens.
Science exhibitors from Mrs. Angela McColpin’s 7th grade classes included a variety of light and sound devices, from their recent studies of the different types of energy waves. Kellie Hunt and Sage Meguiar both displayed the devices they created to redirect light waves, while Alexis Carnal, Kennedy DeLoach, Addy Carter, Ella Burgess, and Alex Brown presented their speaker systems to improve the volume of sound waves. Alexis stated, “It was interesting to meet people of our community and talk to them!”
Fifth grade explored the environment around the school as part of their fall project-based learning event, with teachers Ms. Ashley Latham, Mrs. Taylor Carter, and Mrs. Breanna Kelley. Caroline Ham argued the need for a variety of garbage and recycling receptacles on school grounds to improve student abilities to keep the playground area clean. Meanwhile, Oscar Syndusta and Kyle Becker explained the benefits of planting a marigold garden on school grounds, both as a deterrent to pests (mosquitoes hate marigolds) and beautification of school property.
These presenters plan to make their research formal through a request for funds to realize their projects through Auburn Elementary’s PTO.
Overall, the entire evening was a resounding success and testament to the dedication and excellence of the students and staff of Logan County Schools. We look forward to presenting at more events like this in the future.
Briahna Higgins, who presented her study of Native Americans as part of her 5th grade social studies class, captured the feeling of the event perfectly: “I thought it was really fun. My favorite part was getting to answer people's questions and show my work to others.”

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