Lewisburg School forges strong partnership with CTC

Posted on January 8, 2020 3:37 PM


Over the past four years, Lewisburg School has utilized the Career and Technical Center to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Three years ago, Lewisburg started a program called Ranger Academy. One facet of the program offers middle school students the opportunity to enroll in skilled trade classes at the CTC.

“We welcomed Lewisburg with open arms,” said Beth Frogue, principal at the Career Center. “Dr. Matthews and I sat down and worked out the logistics, but we loved the idea of getting the middle school students in our building and forging those relationships.”

The program has been a resounding success. The students at Lewisburg attend a skill trade class of their choice once a month and the experience is invaluable. Lewisburg Assistant Principal Christy Lucas travels with the students each month. “It is amazing to see the excitement the students have every time we get on the bus to go,” said Lucas.

She continued, “The kids really get to explore their passion and seeing the high school kids work with our kids is wonderful. We have so many of our former students working with our current students; it really is what education is all about.”

Superintendent Paul Mullins likes what he is seeing: “I love this idea. We are focused on making sure all Logan County students are college and/or career ready. We know the importance of our students gaining proficiency in the Profile of Success. I am excited that Lewisburg is building a strong foundation of choice and opportunities for their students. This program is a great example of moving the needle forward and giving our younger students the opportunity to grow beyond the classroom.”

Recently, the CTC was awarded an Anatomage table, a high tech piece of equipment used in medical school programs across the country. The high school students in the health careers program get an opportunity to explore the human body without ever leaving the classroom. The Anatomage table, a 3D dissection table, gives the students an authentic learning experience. It’s no surprise Lewisburg was the first middle school to take advantage of this new piece of equipment. In November, the Lewisburg science teachers attended an all-day training to be qualified to use the table.

“We felt like this was an excellent opportunity to create an authentic learning environment. There is no doubt the anatomage table will elevate the learning in my classroom,” says Grace Harris, an 8th grade science teacher at Lewisburg.

Jessica Early, the 6th and 7th grade science teacher, recently took her students to the CTC to further their study of body systems. “The students were able to see what our bodies look like under the skin and see in detail how the digestive system works,” said Mrs. Early.

For both science teachers, engagement is the key. “If we can engage our students, we can challenge our students,” said Harris. Mrs. Early added, “The students loved being able to see the body systems in a very realistic manner. When you think about engagement, you think about authenticity; this brings the learning to life. I can’t thank our district and the CTC enough for this wonderful opportunity. I have been in other districts, and I guarantee the students in this district have more opportunities than most.”


Dr. Josh Matthews, principal at Lewisburg, says, “I am so proud of my staff and students. The teachers search out wonderful learning opportunities, and they sacrifice to make it happen. The two science teachers didn’t have to attend the training for the anatomage table, but they did it for the students. I am proud of our district for fostering this safe environment where creativity is awarded. Finally, our students strive to be the best. They take full advantage of these opportunities and always work to grow.”

Of course, Matthews knows that none of this would be possible without the great staff at the CTC: “The teachers at the CTC are amazing, and I admire their ability. They are talented tradesmen and women and excellent teachers. I will be forever thankful for their willingness to help our students. Mrs. Fogue and Finley Baird have been wonderful to work with; they make things happen. I have had the opportunity to speak on our partnership with the CTC at three professional events. People are amazed at how we made this happen. But as you can see, it takes a team effort with a skilled group of highly-qualified professionals.”


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