West and Page begin new terms on city school board
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 21, 2021 7:54 PM


The Russellville Board of Education is blessed with a wealth of experience in public service and public eduction. Two of the most experienced were sworn in recently after elected to another four-year term.

Retired Circuit Judge Tyler Gill was present to administer the oath to Davonna Page and Phillip West.

The five board members already have 98 years combined years of service. Chairman James Milam has 32 years, West 30, Page 18, Lovis Patterson 15, and Joe Sparks 3. Sparks came aboard following the death of long-time member David Corbin. Milam is also a former city attorney.

Milam says about West: “Phillip in his 30 years has distinguished himself not only locally, but statewide, and yes, even nationally. When we’ve gone to meetings on the state and national level, I wondered who that was waving at me, only to find that Phillip was their focus. Phillip is real. He has a rare depth of common sense. That’s where we go when we need real insight on a situation. Health difficulties that would have overcome most people have not stifled that smile and sense of humor.”

Page is very active on the state level and is, in fact, president-elect of the Kentucky School Boards Association.

Milam says about Page: “Davonna has achieved statewide and nationwide recognition and appreciation. Her attention to detail has served the students of our district well. She has presented at state and national meetings. Her attention to pending legislation gives her credibility conducive to public schools, which is her passion.”

Russellville Independent Schools only had two superintendents for many decades in Bob Stevenson and Jim Young, but there have been several following them while these board members have served.

Ann Mosier, who has served as secretary for many of these superintendents over the decades and worked closely with the board, says of Milam, “James has very ably taken the Board and district through trying times and good times.

Milam, West and Page are all alumni of the school system. 


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