Newly constructed KY 100 to open to traffic Wednesday
By Keirstein Jaggers

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Kiersten Jaggers is Public Information Officer for District 3 of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
The newly constructed connector in Logan County between KY 100 and the Russellville Bypass/US 68 is currently scheduled to be open to morning commuters on Wednesday, July 27, weather permitting.
Also referred to as the ‘first section of the southern Russellville Bypass’, this new section of KY 100 is just a little over a mile in length (1.04) and was constructed by Hi-View in 15 months for approximately $3.4M.
When motorists drive north on this new section of KY 100, they will notice a different lay out for the left turn lane onto US 68. The majority of turn lanes simply have a painted line to separate those turning left from the other lanes of traffic.
In this case, a depressed median has been installed on the new roadway as well as the northern bypass. Motorists will need to be prepared to merge into the left turn lane prior to reaching the depressed median as it will not be a suitable surface for driving.
The depressed medians will be filled with rock to assist with drainage but the greater significance of these medians is to create positive offset left turn lanes; thereby increasing sight distance and offering a clear view of oncoming traffic for those attempting to turn left at these two approaches.

Another new item to this intersection will be the installation of yellow flashers for the bypass approaches. The traffic light includes a flashing yellow arrow, which indicates that motorists are allowed to proceed with caution but must yield to oncoming traffic.
“Studies have indicated this signal helps reduce left turn crashes at intersections,” said Greg Meredith, chief district engineer for the Bowling Green highway district. “The new light has the potential to improve safety because it more clearly signals to drivers that they can turn only when there is no oncoming traffic.”
The illustration below reflects the signal head for these two left turns. There will be no green left turn phase. Due to the low volume of traffic, motorists turning left will be able to move through the signal on the yellow flashing arrow.

A steady red arrow means STOP. Drivers turning left must stop.

A steady yellow arrow means the signal is getting ready to turn to red. Drivers turning left should stop if it is safe to do so.

A flashing yellow arrow means left-turns are permitted. Drivers may turn left but must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then proceed with caution.
The flashing yellow arrow is used to replace the permissive green "ball," traditionally used in left-turn traffic signal configurations. Flashing yellow arrows indicate a permissive move for drivers turning left, meaning they can make a left turn, but they have to yield to oncoming traffic.
Historically, the green ball governing left turns has led some motorists into wrongly thinking they have a protected turn. In contrast, highway users seem to intuitively know the flashing yellow is communicating the need for caution during the turn.
Motorists should also keep in mind that this reconstructed section of roadway is the new KY 100. Signs will be installed to reflect this change within the next week.

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