Auburn blueberries grower/online distributor certified organic
By Jim Turner

Posted on June 20, 2019 7:21 PM

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has certified today that the blueberries grown by La Finca Berries, Auburn, have been produced in accordance with the National Organic Program.  

Pete Palumbo, a Logan County farmer, said, “We’re thrilled that the three years of hard work will provide a local fruit that health enthusiasts will love, and they can feel good knowing that they are getting it from a certified organic source”.

An example of the Farm to Table concept, La Finca Berries only sells the organic blueberries online to local subscribers who sign up for free as “Farm Friends” via the farm’s website. 

Palumbo said, “We have fantastic partners: Fuel Nutrition in Bowling Green, Country Breeze in Auburn, and Lost River Creamery in Russellville who all will keep your blueberries at the perfect temperature until you pick them up.

If this rain would let up we could harvest and finally turn on the website store; we are giving away a coupon for a free pint of organic blueberries to the first 200 people who give us their name and email as Farm Friends, hopefully going on live TV next week will get that done. We are raising expectations on taste, and believe that these first 200 folks will notice and tell others. Total transparency, open communication, and integrity from your farmer is why we want a relationship with you.” 

Another innovation is a clear pint container that is compostable, to replace the plastic version that some organic enthusiasts dislike. The labels however, are not compostable. “We are asking our Farm Friends to peel off and discard the label this year, until we find a compostable label, too”.

“People are eating blueberries all year long that were harvested by machine, and then traveled long distances. So by the time they reach your table to be eaten, the freshness factor has often gone away,” the Auburn berry grower says. “In contrast, I love the face they make when they taste certified organic berries just hand-picked at the peak of sweetness, firmness, and flavor.”

The Farm Friend signup is on Facebook at LaFincaBerries, or


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