Matt Jones and Roy Morgan, a study of contrasts and similarities
By Jim Turner

Posted on July 8, 2019 8:48 PM

It’s KSR at RBQ, big city in a small town, flamboyant contrasting with modest, loud interacting with soft spoken, Eastern visiting Western Kentucky, and prestigious law school sharing space with on-the-job training.

When Matt Jones broadcasts his Kentucky Sports Radio program from Roy Morgan’s Roy’s Bar-B-Q in Russellville Tuesday morning, their differences will be evident.

Matt Jones grew up in Middlesboro in Eastern Kentucky, studied at academic powerhouses Transylvania University and Duke School of Law, headquarters his media operations in mega-cities Louisville and Lexington, and thrives on expressing his opinions on sports and politics with far reaching microphones.

Roy Morgan helps run the business he grew up in, in the town he grew up in. Besides the Russellville schools, his primary career education (along with that of his sisters/partners Kathy Howard, LeAnn Harris and Mary Lou Winn) came from their late community-oriented, service-oriented parents, Ralph and Jolene Morgan.

Despite these sharp contrasts, Roy and Matt sport some significant similarities. They both love sports in general and UK basketball in intense particularity. They both are deeply interested in politics.

And, most importantly, they are highly popular with a widespread group of people. Jones has a listening audience estimated at i80,000 people. Many people believe that he is the Kentuckian who has the best chance of knocking U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell off his high perch and out of Washington.

Roy’s Bar-B-Que is one of Logan County’s greatest tourist attractions. Tuesday it is attracting Matt Jones and Kentucky Sports Radio to Russellville.

Air time is 9-11 a.m. Roy wants a huge crowd to be there.

If you can’t make it in person, catch the broadcast on

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