Logan School leaders pleased with Accountability scores
By Contessa Orr, Chief Academic Officer

Posted on October 13, 2019 2:32 PM


The state of Kentucky released the 2018-2019 Accountability data for Kentucky districts and schools on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The current system contains six indicators that are combined to provide an overall accountability score. Each school is assigned an Overall Rating of one to five stars, based on the overall score of combined measures of Proficiency, Separate Academic, Growth, Transition Readiness, and Graduation Rate, using the weights approved by the Kentucky Board of Education.

ADAIRVILLE - On the 2018-19 K-PREP assessment, Adairville School saw an increasethe number of students performing Proficient and Distinguished in several content areas. The school earned 3 stars in both the elementary and middle school.  Principal Kristina Rice stated, “Currently, we are implementing our next steps to help us refine our instruction and increase student engagement. We are very proud of our teachers, staff, and students for their dedication to learning and their continuous hard work, and we are very thankful for our parent support. We know that if we create a positive culture that focuses on high expectations, we will continue to see an increase in our student achievement.” 

AUBURN -  Auburn School saw gains in reading for elementary and middle school as well as growth in elementary math and middle school social studies.  For the 2018-2019 accountability cycle, Auburn School earned4 stars in both elementary and middle school, with the middle school earning 5 stars in the Separate Academic Indicator category.

“The faculty and staff of Auburn are proud of our students’ accomplishments on the 2019 KPREP assessment and for achieving a four star rating for their school.  This group of students continues the rich tradition of excellence at Auburn.” - David Ward, Principal

CHANDLER’S- Robbie Davis, principal pointed out, “At Chandler's, KPREP is one of several tools that we use to measure student success.  As we examined our accountability data from 2018-19, we saw improvement in several areas.  At the elementary level, we saw an increase in the number of students reaching proficiency in math, reading, social studies and writing.  At the middle school level, our overall score of 58 was only one point from the threshold for being designated a three-star school.  In addition to improving in our state assessments, we also work to give our students a positive school culture and engaging learning opportunities.  We feel confident that our students will continue to grow over the course of this school year as our committed staff works diligently to meet the needs of individual students.”  

Chandler’s School earned a 3 star rating at the elementary level and a 2 star rating at themiddle school level for this accountability cycle.

Lewisburg - Lewisburg School earned 3 star ratings for both elementary and middle school, with the middle school earning 5 stars in the Growth category for the 2018-2019 accountability cycle. 

“We are very excited about our scores and the scores serve as confirmation that all the great things going on at Lewisburg are having a positive impact on student achievement. To have a five star rating in growth is awesome. In my opinion, education is all about growth. If students are growing, then we are doing our job. Our staff is truly the best. They work tirelessly to grow our students and our students work very hard to grow, so it is nice to see the work pay off. Test scores only measure a portion of a schools’ overall success. We are focused and committed to making sure we are meeting all the success criteria.” - Josh Matthews, principal.

Olmstead-  After a review of the assessment results, principal Bonnie Watson commented, “We are so proud of our students’ achievements, and we appreciate the dedication of our entire staff, students, families, and our community whose support make our school’s continued success possible. As we move forward this year, we want to increase student engagement and students’ abilities to apply what they are learning in school to real world scenarios that will make them college and career ready.” 

The data showed that Olmstead earned an overall 3 stars for elementary and 4 stars for middle school.  In specific categories, Olmstead Elementary School earned 5 stars in the Separate Academic Indicator category and Olmstead Middle School earned 5 stars in the Proficiency indicator. 

LCHS-  Logan County High School earned an overall rating of 3 stars, as well as 3 stars in all areas except Graduation Rate (2 stars). Logan County High School Principal Caycee Spears stated that while the rating system serves as a barometer, LCHS staff members work to go beyond the numbers to engage students in the learning process and help them reach their goals.

“Our mission is to ensure each one of our students is prepared for what lies ahead after high school, whether that be continuing with school, going into the workforce, or joining the military,” he said.  “The relationships we foster and our focus on students’ individual development is what makes LCHS such a great place.”

Logan County Schools earned a rating of three out of five stars in all three areas - elementary, middle and high school. District and school administrators are diving into this accountability data, as well as district and school formative assessment data, to determine next steps in ensuring all students are well-rounded and adequately prepared to pursue their career pathways after high school. 




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