Cast of Logan Middle School musical announced
By Jim Turner

Posted on February 3, 2020 8:23 PM

Ann Elyse Boortz and Bella Gaddis have been selected to play the title role in the musical Annie Jr., which is to be presented this spring as the 10th annual Logan County Middle School Musical.

Also being chosen for key roles in the cast of 50-plus young actors are Lane Bibb and Brennan Christmas as Daddy Warbucks, Katelynn Johnson and Zoe Scipio as Mrs. Hannigan, Clare Perkins and Calista Petrie as Grace, and Elijah Corbin and Solomon Weiss as Rooster.

“This is truly a very talented cast,” says Director Larry Vaught. “Kudos to all who auditioned and those lead actors who will serve as the principals. Looking forward to seeing the show coming together for performance!”

We are so excited about this year’s show! Annie Jr. is a delightful musical with so many fun roles, memorable music, great choreography, and such a message of hope!” says Melanie Manley, who is always in a leadership role in these presentations.

A read-through practice will be held Tuesday from 3:30-5 p.m. at Logan County High School.

Annie: Bella Gaddis, Ann Elyse Boortz

Daddy Warbucks: Brennan Christmas, Lane Bibb

Mrs. Hannigan: Zoe Scipio, Katelynn Johnson

Grace:Calista Petrie, Clare Perkins

Rooster: Solomon Weiss, Elijah Corbin

Lily St. Regis: Addison Connelly, Mason Williams

Molly (Youngest): Ashby Davis, Caroline Boortz     

Kate: Elana Edler, Nakhyla Duncan

Tessie (whiner): Morgan Taylor, Caroline Hallman

July: Abigail Bracken, Lily Dayton

Pepper (Toughest): Rhyan Curry, Lilly Bibb

Duffy (oldest gruff): Jillian Christmas, Claire Dayton

Sandy (the Dog): Landon Arnold, Preston Moberly

Drake (Butler): Bryan Gutierrez

Burt Healy/ President FDR: Isham Hammer

Bundles (laundry guy): Dillon Pursley

Officer Ward/Cop: Devin Bedwell

Cecille: Kennedy Hadden, Savannah McLevain

Mrs. Greer: Leigha Browning, Katy Riffle

Mrs. Pugh: Kathryn Powell, McKenna Mayhew

Louis Howe: Preston Daugherty

Annette: Addison Pugh, Micayla Doyle

Apple Seller: Makayla Weaver

Orphan/Ensemble/Servants: Angela Paxtian, Kinsley Taylor, Kingsley Stratton, Abby Graves, Sophia Corbin,

Samara Corbin, Savannah Katz, Kennedy Ross, Sadie Turpin, Olivia Bond, Lilly Dawes, Abigail Bibb

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