Democrats seeking 'just one more vote'
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Concerned about complacency because of a seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls, top Kentucky Democrats are busing all over the state trying to get out the vote. In Russellville Saturday, former Governor Julian Carroll led the plea for loyal Democrats to get at least one more voter to join them at the polls on Nov. 8.
The Democrats’ “Tested, Trusted and Tough” Bus Tour not only came through Logan County Saturday, but it also arrived on time, letting its distinguished parents disembark at Democratic Headquarters on Carrico Park Square just three minutes past their scheduled arrival.
Leading the way was former Louisville “Mayor for Life” Jerry Abramson, the nominee for lieutenant governor. He served as leadoff batter on a World Series Saturday with the venerable Gov. Carroll serving as cleanup hitter.
The lineup included State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, who is seeking reelection; former chief of staff in the governor’s office Adam Edelen, the nominee for auditor; and secretary of state nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes. Two weeks earlier, agriculture commissioner nominee Bob Farmer had been in that same building during the Tobacco & Heritage Festival, and Edelen noted he also was here for the Festival.
Also speaking were State Senator Joey Pendleton and Representative Martha Jane King, who represent Logan County in Frankfort. County Democratic Chairman John Monroe welcomed the crowd.
Recurring themes dominated the speeches, including:
1)Praise for Governor Steve Beshear, who heads the ticket. He’s one of the ‘Tested.’ Other incumbents
seeking reelection are Attorney General Jack Conway and Hollenbeck. Auditor Crit Luallen has served
her two terms and was ineligible for reelection. All speakers were in agreement that Beshear has earned
four more years.
“He has made tough decisions in tough times,” said Abramson, whom Beshear picked as his running mate instead of incumbent Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo. Abramson also noted that Beshear has been named the top governor in the nation in support of education. Hollenbeck called the governor a great ‘steward’ of public finances.
2)A desire not just to win but to defeat Republican nominee David Williams decisively. One speaker suggested if Williams does as poorly as expected in the election, fellow Republicans in the senate will have justification for not naming him president of the senate again.
“Joey Pendleton does everything he can to help the people of Logan County, but he keeps running into roadblocks put up by David Williams. So do I,” said Carroll, who serves in the state senate a quarter of a century after serving as governor. “Maybe David Williams will get beat so bad for governor that he’ll just decide to go home from Frankfort for good.”
3)Democrats feel that Republicans are putting all their emphasis on winning lower level constitutional offices after realizing the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s are already out of reach. They said U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, who is considered Kentucky Republicans’ chief strategist, “doesn’t like to lose” and is concentrating on the other offices.
Grimes, whose father Jerry Lundergan is a former state Democratic chairman, reminded the Democrats assembled what can happen when a Republican is elected secretary of state. “They had a Republican in that office in Florida in 2000 and the result was George Bush becoming president,” she said.
4)Warnings flowed not to take anything for granted, but instead turn out the vote. After Carroll told a story about the importance of every vote, Representative King reminded those assembled of a race in Logan County a few decades ago that had to be settled with a coin flip in Frankfort. The absence of one more vote delayed June Lyne’s remarkable run in Frankfort for two years, she said.
One of the stars of the gathering was 97-year-old Logan Countian Sherman Price, who made the effort to be there to greet the bus riders. Chances are he will also cast the coveted “one vote” on Nov. 8.

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