RHS principal explains NTI Days
By Ben Bruni, Principal, Russellville High School

Posted on March 15, 2020 8:31 PM

What is “NTI”? 

The Non-Traditional Instruction Program (NTI) is a program that encourages the continuation of academic instruction on days when school would otherwise be cancelled. Russellville Independent has created plans to deliver instruction to every student in the district and provide for student and teacher interaction on NTI days, with the ultimate goal of continuing instruction during the current precautionary measures being taken statewide. 

Russellville High School and the RISD encourage you to use theRussellville High School NTI Dashboardto find school work, stay connected with the school, get updates both from the school and state, and have access to the many available resources currently in place. 

The Current NTI Calendar for RHS

This is the current school calendar for Russellville Independent Schools from Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 2. Following that time, Spring Break will run from Friday, April 3 through Sunday, April 12. At the completion of Spring Break, as of now, RISD plans to resume a normal school day design with classes in-school. 









NTI Day 1



NTI Day 2



NTI Day 3



NTI Day 4



NTI Day 5



NTI Day 6



NTI Day 7



NTI Day 8



NTI Day 9



NTI Day 10



Digital Off-Campus Learning Day 11



Digital Off-Campus Learning Day 12



Digital Off-Campus Learning Day 13



Digital Off-Campus Learning Day 14



Spring Break




Spring Break




Spring Break




Spring Break




Spring Break




Spring Break



What does a student at RHS have to do during these NTI Days? 

During NTI Days, all students at RHS are still “going to school”, but are doing so from home. 

Each weekday from Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 2 is a school day. 

During these days, students at RHS will be assigned work digitally by their teachers. That work can be foundHERE or can be navigated to through theRHS NTI Dashboard

RHS teachers will be posting daily work and/or updates. Every class at RHS will have at least one grade entered per week which will count towards students 4th Quarter Grade (The 4th Quarter started on Wednesday (March 11) of last week). 

Students are expected to keep up with the work loads presented by teachers and due dates as they are assigned. 

Athletics and Extracurriculars? 

Athletics - The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) instituted a stop of all athletic activities for Middle and High Schools in Kentucky effective from March through April 12. This includes any organized gathering or scheduled activities. There will be no practices, games, individual lessons, fundraisers or on-campus/off-campus scheduled activities during this time. You may read the KHSAA rulingHERE

Extracurriculars - Per RISD Superintendent Flener, all RISD Extracurriculars will practice the same stoppage guidelines issued by the KHSAA for athletics. RHS understands that this will have an adverse effect on the Spring Musical in particular and plans are in the works for alternate dates and scheduling. 

 Student Meals 

Meals will be available to all RISD students Monday through Friday. Families may completeTHIS FORMif they would like the meals delivered to their homes.

Students may also pickup meals at either Stevenson Elementary or in the lobby of Russellville High School at the following times:

8:00 - 8:45                  Breakfast

10:00 - 11:45             Lunch

Students do not have to pick meals up from the school they attend. Any RISD student may pick up their meals at either location.   

Student Assistance - Family Needs 


For those families that have specific needs, the RISD Family Resource and Youth Services Center will continue to serve those needs. If you have specific needs such as clothing, household essentials, medical and dental care, food beyond those meals provided during the week, or any other child based need, please don’t hesitate to contact RHS YSC Coordinator, Mrs. Debbie Browder at debbie.browder@russellville.kyschools.us or you may call (270) 726-4799. 


RHS Major Event - Current Status 


The major Spring Events for RHS are at this time, scheduled as follows:


4/20 - 4/23      Senior Panel Review Presentations - Will likely be rescheduled for a later date

5/16                Prom - Date set. Will remain as such unless extenuating circumstances

5/23                Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony - Date set. Will remain as such unless extenuating circumstances


You can see a list of all upcoming RHS Important Dates HERE

RHS 3rd Quarter Report Cards 

RHS will be sending home 3rd Quarter Report Cards via mail this week. Please be on the lookout for these as they will have additional information regarding NTI practices and policy. 

Keep Up with RHS and RISD on Social Media 

You can keep up with all RHS and RISD Social Media as well school slideshows and student writing HERE


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