RMS to hold in-vehicle 8th Grade commencement, parade
By Cameron Jackson, Russellville Middle School Principal

Posted on May 5, 2020 1:24 PM


Russellville Middle School will host an 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony on May 15 at 6 p.m. on parts of the Russellville Middle School & Russellville High School campuses. The instructions and rules for participation are listed below. Please RSVP at this link.

  1. ONLY CARS CONTAINING AN 8TH-GRADE STUDENT WILL BE PERMITTED ON CAMPUS. Cars will gain access to campus from Russellville High School’s main entrance off of W. 9th street. 
  2. Cars containing an 8th-grade student and their immediate family ONLY may enter RHS Campus parking lot beginning at 5:30.
  4. Cars will proceed to a parking space in the middle two rows of the lot. 
  5. When our ceremony starts, cars will proceed to the front entrance of the Russellville Middle School where they will stop briefly so Mr. Jackson can announce the 8th-grade student’s name (Please have your child’s name written in large letters and displayed in the window for Mr. Jackson to read)
  6. After your child’s name is announced, proceed forward, towards the softball field and then turn left onto Herndon Road (heading towards W. 9th St. away from the athletic fields)
  7. Once here, the line will stop directly behind a Russellville Police Department vehicle where we will wait for all cars to catch up.
  8. When a line forms, the police vehicle will escort all those who wish to participate in a parade route leaving right onto W. 9th St., proceed down W. 9th Street all the way to the light at S. Main Street. The parade will take a left onto S. Main Street, and then conclude once you make a circle around the square. You may exit in the direction of your choice.
  9. For those family members and friends who would normally attend, the ceremony with a reading of names will be LIVE on the Russellville Middle School FaceBook page. 

We are excited to offer our students this opportunity to conclude their 8th-grade year on campus and give them the recommendation they deserve. We appreciate your support during these very different times we are living in and look forward to seeing you on May 15.


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