Justice for All session tomorrow to be aired on WRUS
By Bart Flener, Russellville School Superintendent

Posted on June 5, 2020 7:33 PM



Russellville Independent Schools wishes to express our heartfelt sympathies and frustrations with the persistence of racial injustice that has once again been highlighted in America by recent events. As one of the most racially diverse public school districts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the stories of sadness and anger that resonate from every corner of our nation are our stories as well. As our community comes together to be heard, we as a school district adamantly pledge to amplify the voice of the people and to be a driving force in change we seek from today’s leaders and the next generation who we have been entrusted to educate as the leaders of tomorrow.

Moving forward it is imperative that we facilitate meaningful opportunities for the voice of the people to be heard. We must listen and we must collaboratively form a sustainable and impactful plan of action that ensures that Russellville Schools is an active leader in the eradication of inequality and injustice.

To model the idea of listening and seeking solutions in collaborative fashion, Russellville Independent Schools asks that you join us live via the Russellville Independent Facebook Page on Saturday, June 6, 10 a.m for a “Justice for All Crucial Community Conversation.”

Representatives from the Russellville community, local law enforcement, and civic leaders will gather to discuss, speak on, and respond to questions, concerns, and thoughts. Due to the limited number of people allowed to be physically present at our gathering, all guests other than our panelists are invited to join us virtually.  

Again, we want your participation in this process so please utilize the “chat” feature on the Facebook Live or send your questions and thoughts ahead of time by emailing bart.flener@russellville.kyschools.us before Saturday morning’s program.  

WRUS will broadcast this “Justice for All Crucial Community Conversation” on air live and a big thanks to Chris McGinnis who will serve as our host and moderator for the event.

Among those on the program are Judge-executive Logan Chick, Mayor Mark Stratton, Sheriff Stephen Stratton, School Resource Officer Randy Hargiss,  Marie Gamble, Michael Morrow, Charles Neblett and Muryd Scipio; from the Russellville Schools Bart Flener, Cameron Jackson, Robin Cornelius, Mikie Benton, Lovis Patterson, Pedro Bradshaw, Morgan Todd, and Chaun Cheaney, and from the Logan County Schools Paul Mullins, Caycee Spears, and Lindsey Brinkley.

Please share the link ( HERE ) with all of your contacts ahead of time to help us reach our goal  of 5,000 viewers as we begin this journey of understanding, reconciliation, and innovative problem solving!  


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