WKU lists honor students for fall semester

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Below are the names of the Western Kentucky University students from Logan County who were named to the Dean's and President's List for the fall semester 2011. Included are the students' names and their hometown cities. The cities are based on home addresses, not which high school they attended.

Students making the Dean's List have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 in a 4.0 scale. Students on the President's List have GPAs of 3.8 to 4.0 and are indicated by an asterisk (*). To be eligible for the either list, students must have at least 12 hours of coursework that semester. Also, students who list their information as "confidential" in TopNet are not listed.

Adairville: Anna M. Link*, Heather Rickman, Lydia Coleman*, Mary C. Faenza, Tiffany Hallman*, Joshua Tyler”, Charlotte J. Brindley*, Deann E. Wright*, Amanda L. Spivey, Rebekah J. Link, Kelsey Johnson*

Auburn: Deanna Gipson*, Heather Stockstill, Jessica L. Schlosberg, Joshua Slaton, Megan Vincent, Shanna Downey*, Jordan Schafer, Melissa Miles*, James M. Coursey, Sarah Zibart”, Maria A. Peterson, Justin Clark”, Annette Y. Center*, Ethan White*, John Corum*. Jessica J. Preston, Brianna Scott*. Emily Reeves, Devin Brown*, Ashley A. Taylor, Kelsey Odle*, Daniel Pardue, Loren Stinson, Robyn Estes*. Anton J. Stewart*. Brianna Trickey, Tracy D. Jones, Caitlynn Oberhausen*, Candice M. Coles*, Delbert D. Adams, Christopher McGrath*, Lucas Zelehowsky

Lewisburg: Katie M. Kirby*, Susan M. Meyer*, Zoe Pettit, Timoty G. Moye, Ann D. Gant*, Frankie Smith, Adair D. Schwartz, Kaylyn G. Cardwell*, Jacob Hopkins*, Justin Hopkins

Olmstead: Catie Martin*, Kristin Mosley*, Matt Riley*


Jessica Shutt, Aaron D. Smith, Ann Michelle Reynolds*, Ashley Edwards, Courtney Addison, Deborah Taylor*, Elizabeth Corbin Arrington*, Ellyn J. Kerchenski, Emily L. White, Julie Johnson*, Karli Rutherford*, Kasey Sears*, Laura Coleman, Matthew Oakley, Wesley Bromm, Lucas Gilliam*, Randall Smith, Kesi Neblett*, Kathryn A. Johnson, Kimberly Baugh*, Erin Kenney, Brian Harris, Priscilla Page*, Morgan Armistead*, Jordan Chick, Jessiah Eberlin, Savannah Larson*, Elizabeth D. Cardwell, Cayla M. Mayes, Anna Marie Weldon, Sarah Fox*, Corey Bernier, Erin L. Waggoner*, Jamie Baker, Shella B. Thomas, Raymond Van Zee, Ryan Bibb, Kimberly D. Yonts*, Laurie Gloyd, Brooke Cowan White*. Anna Wilkins*, Morgan Crabtree*, Maegan Williams*, Brooke Yokley*, Alexa Poole

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