Ski Daddy's closing Logan location because of plumbing problems
By Jim Turner

Posted on March 28, 2021 6:56 PM


One of Russellville’s leading restaurants is closing, at least for now and in this location.

Ski Daddy’s owners Mike and Yvonne Jackson announced this weekend that they are closing their Bowling Green Road location in East Russellville. They opened a second branch in North Bowling Green last year.

They cited “major plumbing issues” as the reason for them vacating the location they have been in for eleven and a half years.

The restaurant was the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Russellville for decades. Ski Daddy’s has been renting the building from Western Kentucky University.

It is located at the intersection of U.S. 68-80 (the Bowling Green Road) with KY 100 (the Franklin Road) and U.S. 79 (the Clarksville Road.)

Two new retail food outlets are opening in sight of what was Ski Daddy’s and a new business which is believed to be a Dollar Store is under construction directly across the intersection from it.

This the announcement the Jacksons posted on Facebook Sunday:

Due to the major plumbing issues that we have been dealing with, we regret to inform you that we will be closing the Russellville location at this time.

Over the years we have put thousands of dollars into this building and at this time we feel that it is not of our best interest to invest anymore into it.

This has been one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. But through lots of prayer we feel this is the best decision at the time.

We can not thank the Logan county Community enough for all the support and love that you all have shown us throughout this 11-year journey. This decision was hard because we have come to truly care about so many of our customers and employees. Some of you became our family. And we will never forget you.

We have seen babies grow up, we’ve been saddened when we heard the passing of some, and always excited when the new little ones were being introduced to Ski Daddy’s. Please know this decision wasn’t easy at all.

We guess this is so long for now but you never know what the future holds. Hopefully in due time we will be back to serve this wonderful community of Logan County. Thanks for all that have personally reached out to us to help in any way.

We love you all and God Bless.
Mike and Yvonne Jackson

Michael Jackson has been working in restaurants for over two decades. He had been general manager of a Zaxby’s in Hopkinsville when he and a partner opened a Ski Daddy’s in Muhlenberg County in 2008. They opened the Russellville location on Sept. 21, 2009. Not long afterwards, they dissolved the partnership with the Jacksons becoming owners of the Logan County location.

Ski Daddy’s has been very popular in Logan County, and the parking lot has often been full. The business has been generous in supporting worthwhile causes and projects in the community.

Many Logan Countians have expressed gratitude to the Jacksons for their beneficence and dismay over their leaving,

Takezah Hollins posted on Facebook: ATTENTION RUSSELLVILLE COMMUNITY, home of the original SKI DADDYS lovers. I will be starting a Go Fund Me for our Ski Daddy’s family. Let’s come together as one and show the love and support to get OUR Russellville location back and running. We are all saddened by the devastating news we just received about the Russellville location; let’s turn this mess around!”

Civic leader Archie Beck wrote: “So sorry to hear this!!! Ya'll know you were my favorite!! Have you considered the shopping center across from Russellville High School? Well, I'm in BG often, so I'll be seeing you there.”

Educator Lauren Fynboe said: “Some of the best memories and meals I’ve ever had were at Ski Daddy’s. Thank you for your kindness to my family. Thank you for your donations and fundraising events in our community. Thank you for serving fresh and delicious food at a fair price.”

Another Go Fund Me suggestion has been made by Kayla Leighanne Coleman: Can we get a Go Fund Me account going for Ski Daddy’s? There are two buildings they can move to, just have to do some remodeling. There is the small First Southern National Bank and the Kangaroo store going toward Walmart,. Ugh! I just want Ski Daddy’s back.”


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