Adairville hosts, wins district Governor's Cup

Posted on January 23, 2014 10:31 PM

Host Adairville won the District 17 KAAC Middle School Governor’s Cup championship this weekend in competition with four other schools from the Land of Logan. Only Auburn was missing, having been assigned to another district.

The Cardinals won impressively, finishing 13.5 points ahead of second place Russellville.

Jennifer Jenkins and Jennifer Robertson are the Adairville coaches. Tina Shoemake and Holly Gilbert coach Russellville.

Results for Individual Testing follow:


1.Phillip Wilkerson-- Russellville

2.Curtis Shelton—Adairville

3.John Hendricks—Adairville

4.Jaden Hayes—Olmstead

5.Hannah Crutchfield—Adairville



1.Phillip Wilkerson—Russellville

2.Anna Shoulders—Adairville

3.Will Mullen—Russellville

4.Curtis Shelton—Adairville

5.Noah Rust—Chandlers


Written Composition

1.Olivia Bouldin—Adairville

2.Ashlee Gilbert—Russellville

3.Alyssa Gilliam-Chandlers

4.Keyleigh Harlan—Adairville

5.Anna Shoulders—Adairville


Social Studies

1.Wyatt Breeding—Chandlers

2.Ben Slack—Russellville

3.Samuel Noe—Adairville

4.Benjamin Meyer—Chandlers

5.Adam Williams—Russellville


Language Arts

1.Rachel Pitts—Adairville

2.Chris Reeves—Lewisburg

3.John Hendricks—Adairville

4.Rachel Taylor—Olmstead

5.Jaden Hayes—Olmstead


Arts & Humanities

1 (tie) Rachel Taylor—Olmstead and Rachel Pitts—Adairville

3 (tie) Aaron Cunningham—Chandlers and Benjamin Meyer—Chandlers

5  Shelby Hardison—Lewisburg


Future Problem Solving Team

1.  Adairville (Sawyer Hopkins, Samuel Noe, Keyleigh Harlan and Olivia Bouldin)

2.  Russellville (Bryce Bollenbecker, Ashlee Gilbert, Matthew Williams and Adam Williams)

3.  Lewisburg (Andrea Arnold, Dylan Coonts, Shelby Hardison and Tristan Taylor)


Quick Recall Team

1. Russellville (Samuel Noe, Rachel Pitts, Curtis Shelton, Sawyer Hopkins, Jessalyn Robey, Dominique Goin, Isaac Phillips, Brennan Davenport, Connor Barnes, Olivia Bouldin, Myles Kenner, Damon Stephens, John Hendricks, Keyleigh Harlan, Bailey Howell, Anna Shoulders and Austin Epley)

2. Lewisburg

3. Adairville

4. Olmstead

Hume Sportsmanship Award Recipient




Final Standings

1. Adairville School 48.5 points

2. Russellville 35 points

3. Chandlers16 points

4. Lewisburg13 points

5. Olmstead10.5 points

Team Members

Adairville (Coaches Jennifer Orange Jenkins & Jennifer Robertson): Connor Barnes, Olivia Bouldin, Hannah Crutchfield, Brennan Davenport, Austin Epley, Dominique Going, Keyleigh Harlan, John Hendricks, Sawyer Hopkins, Bailey Howell, Myles Kenner, Samuel Noe, Isaac Phillips, Rachel Pitts, Jessalyn Robey, Curtis Shelton, Anna Shoulders & Damon Stephens

Chandlers (Coach Adam Decker): Wyatt Breeding, Michael Cropper, Aaron Dunningham, Onahka Fuller-George, Alyssa Gilliam, Shaina Johnson, Kaleb Justice, Jesse Lashley, Alyssa Lowe, Jacob McGonigal, Benjamin Meyer, Taylor Parker, Noah Rust, Nova Shockley, Jake Shoemake, Nate Woodall

Lewisburg (Judy Wilson & Joe Jahnz): Andrea Arnold, Mackenzie Blair, Aaron Chilson, Madison Collins, Dylan Coonts, Ross Coursey, Jonathan Furlow, Shelby Hardison, Brilee  Harris, John Judd, Sylas Morris, Cheyenne Nash, Caleb Ramirez, Chris Reeves, Lucas Taylor, Tristan Taylor, Samantha Vaughn & Jacob White

Olmstead (Jason Hayes): Blayke Bingham, Nathan Cates, Brea Croslin, Libby Fuqua, Ethan Haley, Jaden Hayes, Tommy Krohn, Chely Laster, Abi Lindsey, Hannah Matthews, Lilly Morris, Katie Noffsinger, Nicholas Petrie, Kiley Rager, Brylee Shemwell, Rachel Taylor, Ashlyn Tracy, Deserae Tucker, Paige Vanzant, Peyton Vanzant, Haven Walton & Trevor Wright

Russellville (Tina Shoemake & Holly Gilbert): Bryce Bollenbecker, Maleah Buckner, Ashton Cosner, Aishah Dowlen, Brendan Farlee, Ashlee Gilbert, Will Mullen, Elly Myers, Javier Palomeque, Ethan Paul, Allison Sadler, Ben Slack, Aniyah Thomas, My Duyen Tran, Brandy West, Phillip Wilkerson, Matthew Wilkerson, Matthew Williams, Kyran Williams, Adam Williams & Jessie Wilson


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