Martha Jane King seeking fourth term as state representative
By Jim Turner

Posted on November 2, 2014 10:43 PM

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 Logan County native Martha Jane King is seeking a fourth consecutive term as state representative representing Logan, Todd and a part of Warren County. She is the Democratic party nominee.

She has spent 30 years as Transportation Agent for a local client at Logan Aluminum. An alum of Olmstead and Adairville schools as well as WKU, she is also a licensed realtor.

She grew up on a family farm at Oakville, the daughter of Clarence ‘Soup’ and Jane Claire Smith Kurtsinger. She and her sister, Jane Wix, are the granddaughters of Rayburn and Mamie Smith.

The Smiths were active leaders of the Red River Meeting House Church & Cemetery Association, and she has followed in their footsteps. She has been on the board of directors since 1997, including serving as secretary/treasurer of the group for 16 years.

She is also a Double Eagle Mom (sons Stephen and Michael both earned their Eagle Scout designation), an Eagle Scout mention and a member of the Eagle Board of Directors.

Additionally, King is a member of the Russellville Kiwanis Club, the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, the Todd County Fish and Game Club and the Todd County Coonhunters.

She and husband Stephen King have six grandchildren. They live in North Logan.

Martha Jane King has long been active in the community. She says, “I have always believed that politics and politicians have an opportunity to be a positive part of the community, and God gives us free will to act accordantly. I remain focused on what we can do together in our cities and our counties to make where we live a better place. During my six years in office I have consistently supported our schools, clubs, churches, community events and our business community.”

One of her contributions is to purchase University of Kentucky basketball tickets with her personal money and then donate them to non-profit groups as fund raisers. “I am proud that my tickets have helped raise over $20,000 for our schools and over $10,000 for our civic groups, churches, clubs, fire departments and community organizations,” she says.

“My work ethic is civility and finding common ground on a local level, in Frankfort and with Kentucky’s elected officials in Washington,” she says. “I use the relationships I have with other elected officials, regardless of party, to help me help my constituents. I am proud of what we have accomplished together in District 16.”

She is proud that she has not only been endorsed by the Kentucky Education Association, but also by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which usually favors Republicans.

She answered the following questions for the Park City Daily News of Bowling Green and shared them with The Logan Journal.

What would your budget priorities be as a state representative?

Jobs, Economic Development, Education, K-12, Colleges and Universities

“I do want to continue to focus on expanding vocational and technical training for our high school students who want to enter the workplace after graduation, and to continue to educate our adult workers who want further education for their chosen career.”

What sort of action would you support to address unfunded liabilities in the state’s retirement systems?

“It is morally right that we honor our obligation to our state and local government workers. In 2013 the Ky General Assembly passed legislation to improve the pension system by billions of dollars. This bill was a major step towards making the retirement plan sustainable. I remain committed to continuing the bipartisan effort between Democrats and Republicans, in the House and Senate to maintaining the retirement plan, and the fiscal discipline it will take to fund the system. “It is what we must do.”


What are your feelings on raising the minimum wage in Kentucky?

“I feel workers deserve a sustainable living wage. I understand the business owners concerns over the wage increase, and I certainly support our business community. However, because of the importance of this issue, I have spent the last six years speaking to workers in our counties. Their issue is that they have only an hourly rate to live on, with no benefits or insurance. Over and over again they have told me how hard it is to raise a family on that income alone. It is for those workers I support a raise of minimum wage.”

What is one bill you would sponsor if elected?

“I am very concerned with the 911 emergency services in our area. The existing revenues source for 911, land lines, has decreased considerably due to cell phones. Many of the cell phones pay only 38 cents a month for 911, but others pay 70 cents a month. Because of that reason, our business taxes and property taxes have been used to subsidize cell phones users’ 911 fee. I want a fair and simple way for every cell phone to pay its share, so that 911 will remains available for everyone. I believe the fee belongs on the phone, not our property taxes or our utility bills.”

What could you, as a state representative, do to strengthen the local economy?

“With Warren’s unemployment at 4.8 percent and Logan and Todd County’s at 5 percent, I think we are on the right path for improving our local economy. I will continue to support incentives for business to remain in our district and to bring new business to our area. I do support Private Public Partnership, which will help our counties meet essential needs and save tax dollars. I want to continue the teamwork it has taken to move Kentucky forward during these difficult economic times. In the past 12 months, Kentucky has announced 301 new location and expansion projects, which are projected to create over 13,600 jobs and over $3.4 billion in new investment.”


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