Explanation issued concerning Logan Animal Shelter procedures

Posted on April 19, 2015 10:46 PM

The following is a statement from Tracy Moser of the Logan County Shelter and Lori Hare, director of the Warren County Animal Shelter.

"We had a certified person who came Thursday (April 16) who did SAFER testing (nationwide temperament test used by all major animal organizations). We also had a behavior specialist come up from Nashville, Tenn. on Friday (April 17). 

“Anything that was euthanized showed aggression toward people or other animals and did not pass these tests. Maddies Fund's (largest no kill movement organization world wide) definition of no kill states that any animal that shows aggression toward people or animals is not considered adoptable.

"I would encourage anyone who has any concerns about what is happening at out shelter to visit it. There are many adorable dogs available for adoption for only $50 each. Volunteers are still needed."

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