Chamber news includes Leadership Logan, ribbon cuttings
By Ryan Craig, Executive Director

Posted on May 20, 2015 11:37 PM

The 2014-2015 Leadership Logan Class had their graduation recently. Not enough can be said about this bunch of leaders and future leaders who come from all sectors and walks of life in Logan County. I told the class at their graduation that when I'm out visiting, they are often mentioned as a respectful, inquisitive and bright group of people. You couldn't ask for more from a group representing the Chamber and Logan County. Congratulations, Class of 2014-2015!

Members shown in the accompanying picture are, from left: Sarah Edgar, Kevin Hub, Tammeria Ramsey, Dayna Chapman, Leann Martin, Jeff Manley, Robin Hughes, George Appling, Rachel Fisher, Jake Saul, Jennifer Ferris, Ken Brown, Dee Dee Brown and John Peterson.


There was a great crowd for the ribbon-cutting and celebration of the expansion for the Lewisburg Banking facility on Hopkinsville Road in Russellville. The expansion, including wonderfully displayed historic photos of schools in Logan County, is beautiful and is one of the most interesting facilities to view in Logan County. Congratulations to the staff at Lewisburg Bank!!!

We had a great meeting this week with another group of heroes who often end up saving the day around here, our Logan County Chamber Ambassadors. The meeting, which was like a 101 Course on how the chamber and the ambassador program works, was very productive and I'm excited for what is ahead. If you are interested in joining the Ambassador Program give me a call at the Chamber and we will be glad to have you!


There was a great crowd for the Ribbon Cutting for SouthPoint Risk Advisors (merged Jesse L. Riley & Son Insurance and the Insurance Place) this past Wednesday morning. In fact, the crowd was so great that we had to move cars and take the camera across the street just to get all the people in the photo! There was great food (How about those smoked sausage balls? I may never be the same!) and fellowship; congratulations to the staff at Southpoint Risk Advisors on their new business and location.

NOTE: The ribbon cutting for Handbags and More has been moved to June 4 @ 8 a.m.


The Chamber is in the process of helping create a foundation for a four-field sports complex that will bolster the quality of life for Logan County’s youth and help be a retail driver when teams from out-of-town come to play tournaments. Look for more in the coming weeks on the foundation and this exciting initiative. If you want more information, or want to be involved with the initiative, give me a call or email at the Chamber.

We welcome new members Seth Boortz, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, and Sears Tree Service, LLC., to the Chamber.
Seth’s office is located at 215 S. Main Street in Russellville. Give him a call at 270-726-8436 to welcome him to the membership or for your financial planning needs. Greg Sears is the owner of Sears Tree Service and give him a call at 270-755-2058 to welcome him to the membership or if you have been needing to tend to your trees.
A big welcome and wishes for continued success for Seth Boortz and Sears Tree Service!

Patented Thoughts

Have you ever seen someone get slobbering mad when they see an invention, new product or fad they had thought of once but never followed through with? My greatest moment of inventive frustration was when I saw my kids playing with those rubber bands shaped like animals and superheroes. Nearly two years before I first saw those rubber bands (also called Silly Bandz) I saw my sons trying to shape some rubber bands into a dog and a horse and I proclaimed, "I bet animal-shaped rubber bands would make a boatload of money!" I dismissed such a silly thought and have a much lighter bank account because of it.

I was right, of course; the people who made those rubber bands were selling 10 cents of rubber for $2.99 a bag and, for a while at least, parents were glad to pay it. So, from then on I made a vow to consider any idea —  silly or not — because inspiration most often comes from real-life situations.

This past week, I dropped my aluminum can (it was unopened) and it caused a dent right below the lip where you drink. I'm cheap, so, of course, I drank the soda, but while drinking it I noticed that it was as smooth a drink going down I've ever had, with a little notch for my lips to rest comfortably, no club soda dribbling down my shirt, no wife fussing at me during laundry time.

Had I, by being a klutz, discovered a way to drink a soda that might revolutionize the soft drink industry?

Probably not, but if any of you Logan Aluminum guys think I need a patent, I'm all ears!
Soft drink millionaire or not, yours truly and the rest of the Chamber want your ideas, so feel free to contact me because your next idea just might improve the lives of not only our members but all of Logan County!

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