Michael Pape to seek Congressional seat being vacated by Whitfield

Posted on October 4, 2015 4:28 PM

Michael Pape, longtime District Director for U.S Representative Ed Whitfield (KY-01), has announced he will run for the First Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016 to replace Whitfield who is retiring from Congress.

“It has been an honor to serve alongside Congressman Ed Whitfield since he first was elected to Congress,” said Pape. “My experience working with the people of the First Congressional District on the many challenges and issues facing our Commonwealth, and the Nation makes me uniquely qualified to be the next Congressman for the First District. There are no candidates that have worked longer for or know the issues of the First District better than I do.   I will remain dedicated to the good people of this District.”

He has been a frequent visitor to Logan County over the decades, sometimes with Whitfield but often alone while representing the congressman at important functions

Pape emphasized the importance of taking specific measures immediately to restore America's economy and leadership the world.

“I will work to restore Kentucky’s and America's economy by leading in Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, eliminating job killing federal regulations,  pursuing all energy sources available for the production of the lowest cost energy, and rebuilding America's military infrastructure to ensure peace through strength,” continued Pape.  "We must reignite America's economic engine and these priorities will help do just that.”

Pape further stated that he will take key leadership roles in the Congress to protect and grow Kentucky's two key economic drivers: agriculture and coal. "I will be a relentless and tireless advocate in promoting Kentucky agriculture and coal in the U.S. Congress.  The healthy and vitality of these two industries are key components to America's economic strength and I will use my experience and ability to end the relentless attacks of the Obama Administration on agriculture and coal.”

Pape pledged his support to strengthen higher education in the First District. "Our regional universities and community colleges will have my support and experience in Congress to strengthen education funding for our universities and the students who depend on federal student loans and grants for their education. As a graduate of Murray State University and a father of a Murray State student, I know firsthand the challenges educational institutions and students face as they prepare to enter careers and contribute to our economy.” 

Pape also noted that a key component to the economic growth and well-being of the First District is ensuring that our healthcare delivery system can meet the challenges of recent healthcare reforms.  "While intentions may have been good to provide more access to healthcare, hospitals and doctors are shutting their doors and closing their practices because of declining reimbursements for insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.” 

Pape stated that our Veterans Healthcare Administration must be replaced with a system that better meets the needs of our Nation's veterans.  "The current VA healthcare system is old, antiquated and does not serve our veterans with the healthcare they deserve.  Our veterans should be able to walk into the doctor's office or hospital of their choice and receive care rather than waiting months for an appointment and having to drive long distances to a VA facility.  We can do better for America's heroes and we will.”

Pape concluded by stating that his congressional office would continue the excellent constituent services that the citizens of the First Congressional District have received under Whitfield.  "I am proud of the thousands of people Congressman Whitfield's office has been able to help with individual problems they have had with the federal government through the years, and I will insure that our commitment to constituent services continues as their next Congressman for the First Congressional District.” 



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