Westerfield running statewide TV ads

Posted on October 22, 2015 5:00 PM

Whitney Westerfield, the Republican nominee for Kentucky Attorney General who represents Logan County in the state senate, has purchased statewide airtime as voters begin to focus on the races in advance of the general election.

 “People are tired of the false attacks and the same-old politics from the same-old politicians in Frankfort,” said Sen. Westerfield. “I have a record of accomplishment and experience I am proud of, and it has prepared me to be Kentucky’s next Attorney General. I am excited to introduce myself to Kentuckians and to share my qualifications and conservative principles.”

The Westerfield campaign will release two ads Thursday running simultaneously statewide. The first, “A Fresh Start,” builds upon his primary campaign, introducing Sen. Westerfield, his family and his experience to Kentuckians. The second, “Earned,” features Sen. Westerfield speaking directly to Kentuckians about his beliefs and accomplishments. It includes a reference to a recent profile1 in the Lexington Herald Leader which rebuts the desperate personal attacks the Beshears are funding.

“The Attorney General race presents a clear choice to the voters of Kentucky,” said campaign manager Andy Hightower, “between Whitney’s positive message about his experience as a prosecutor and success as a Senator, and the Governor’s shakedown politics for his son’s false personal attacks.”

“Sen. Westerfield’s campaign will close these final weeks building on his strengths. He is the most qualified candidate with a record of bipartisan accomplishment - that is undeniable,” said Hightower.

“Despite Beshear and his allies spending millions in an attempt to smear Sen. Westerfield’s character, the race remains tied within the margin of error and with double-digit undecideds. Voters will now get the opportunity to meet Whitney and learn why his experience makes him the best candidate.”

The ads are available on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzj_kuW11S01buhSI51zi_g


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