City schools implement STOP Tipline
By Kim McDaniel

Posted on July 21, 2018 9:11 PM

Safety is our first priority. In an effort to use every able resource to STOP bullying and other risky behaviors in our schools, Russellville Independent Schools proudly announces the implementation of the “Safety Tipline Online Prevention” or STOP! Tipline.  

The STOP! Tipline is designed for use as an "online" reporting/prevention tool which is provided free by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe situation in school (bullying, weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.), they can anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using this basic email format.

“Our hope is that students who fear face-to-face reporting of bullying or other safety issues may be less reluctant to share this vital information when offered an “online” option”, says Bart Flener, Superintendent of Schools . “By giving students the ability to report concerns over their tablets, computers, or mobile phones, we can reach more students and address problems before they escalate."

The process for using the tip line involves locating the STOP Tipline logo on the website,, students or community members can anonymously report bullying, cyber-bullying, violence, risky behavior, or other safety concerns to school personnel by using a basic email format.  Tips can be left anonymously or students may choose to have someone contact them. More information can be found about the tip line at

The announcement of the STOP! Tipline aligns with the Kentucky Safe Schools Week theme this year: “Get Involved, Get It Solved, STOP THE BULLYING!” Everyone can make a personal commitment to get involved, and by using the tip line, any student can get involved without fear of retaliation.

“This tip line is just another powerful tool in our arsenal against bullying, harassment, and other unsafe behaviors in our schools. Our Comprehensive Safe School Plan is ever evolving to keep our students and staff safe, and we are using every resource available to do so,” says Superintendent Flener.

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