Dozen local races on Tuesday's primary ballot
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Following a primary campaign period that has basically been devoid of fire or intrigue, the field will be narrowed or concluded in primary elections Tuesday, May 18.
Nine of the races are among Democrats. Two pit pairs of Republicans. The 12th is non-partisan.
In only five of the races, the winner will have to keep campaigning. They are for county attorney, jailer, District 4 Magistrate (contested in both the Republican and Democratic primaries) and Russellville City Council. The other winners will take office Jan. 1
Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, and vote tabulations will take place immediately afternwards in the upstairs courtroom at the old courthouse, not the new justice center.

Contested races which will be subject to the Democratic primary:
1) County Judge/Executive: Logan Chick, who is a first-term incumbent, is being challenged by Russellville police chief Barry Dill.
2) County Attorney: Tom Noe originally filed for office but then decided to retire. Democrats candidates are Russellville City Attorney Bob Hedges and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Joe Ross. The winner will oppose the lone Republican candidate, Corey Morgan, in November.
3) Jailer: Multi-term incumbent jailer Bill Jenkins has three Democratic challengers, James 'Sonny' Duncan, James K. Penrodand Dewayne Whittaker.
4) District 1 Magistrate: incumbent Clem 'Dickie' Carter, who has served in the office 10 years, is being opposed by Russell Poore.
5) District 2: Long-time incumbent Magistrate Harold Prince faces opposition from Jack Crossley.
6) District 3: Veteran incumbent Magistrate Curtis Watkins is being opposed by Johnny Sanford, also a Democrat.
7) District 4: Drexel W. Johnson and former magistrate Ranny Adler are running as Democrats.
8) District 3 Constable: Dorris Gregory and Randy Berry are Democrats.
9) District 4 Constable: Democrats Leonard Dye and Dwight 'Butch' Inman are candidates.

The contested Republican elections:
1) Jailer: Donald Rust and former coroner Phil Gregory are the Republican candidates.
2) District 4 Magistrate: District 4: Republicans Tim Norris and Billy Hall. who is currently chairman of the Logan County Board of Education, are contending for this office.

In a non-partisan race, the field of 14 candidates for Russellville City Council will be narrowed to a dozen. Russellville City Council: incumbentsPat Walpole Bell, Jack Whipple, Jimmy Davenport and Lanny McPherson will contend with challengers former mayorShirlee Yassney, former codes enforcement officer Bill Decker, Ashley Bland, Douglas Daech, Darlene Gooch, Neil Kerr, Sandra Kinser, Joe Laird, Marvinia Benton Neblett and Hunt McCollum. The 12 survivors will square off for the final six positions during the November General Election.

Candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress are also on the ballot. In the Republican Senate election, the candidates are Secretary of StateTrey Grayson, Dr, Rand Paul, Bill Johnson, Gurley L. Martin, Jon J. Scribner and John Stephenson.Democratic Senate candidates are Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Attorney General Jack Conway, Maurice Sweeney, Dr.James Buckmaster and Darlene F. Price.

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