RHS coach shares team, player statistics
By Coach Mikie Benton, RHS Football

Posted on October 6, 2021 11:44 AM


Bye Week and Fall Break, I have a little extra time on my hands so figured I’d give y’all some stats on the year for Russellville Panther football.

7 games…


Points per game: 34.85

Rushing per game: 218 yards

Passing per game: 121 yards

Total yards per game: 339 yards


Points per game: 11.85

Rushing per game allowed: 130.28 yards

Passing per game allowed: 32.28 yards

Total yards per game allowed: 162.56 yards

Currently the 4th pass defense overall in the state (# 1 in 1A)

Currently the 16th Team Defense overall in the state (4th in 1A)

Currently the 23rd Team Scoring Margin overall in the state (4th in 1A)

Currently the 15th Team in interceptions overall (4th in 1A)

Currently 4th in 1A in scoring.

Currently 3rd in 1A rushing

Currently 7th in 1A rush defense.

Currently 8th in 1A in team sacks

Currently 9th in 1A in fumbles forced and 2nd in fumbles recovered

Top Individual Stat Rankings:

Chevis Elliott: 5 Interceptions, currently 2nd overall in the state. (1st in 1A), number 8 in 1A in forced fumbles.

Dustin Brown 30/31 on PATs currently 13th overall in the state. (3rd in 1A); 2/3 on FG attempts currently 23rd overall in the state (2nd in 1A)

Jovari Gamble is the number 5 player in 1A in rushing, number 8 in 1A in scoring

Lennon Ries is the number 12 player in 1A in passing, number 15 in 1A in sacks, Number 9 in 1A in forced fumbles.

Jaquis Todd is number 24 in 1A in Receiving, number 21 in 1A in scoring, 13th in 1A in interceptions.

Zach Dowlen is number 14 in 1A in sacks.

Jackson Hampton is number 25 in 1A in interceptions.



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