Munday leads Logan middle school track
By Jim Turner

Posted on April 13, 2014 9:52 PM

Jailin Munday recorded two first places in a middle school track meet at Drakes Creek Middle School Thursday to lead Logan County’s entries in the meet.

“I am tickled with the progress of our middle school runners and can’t wait to see them progress,” said Coach Greg Howard. ”Very proud of the way they carry themselves and the way they are adapting to the expectations and how hard they work!”

The following results are in events in which a Logan athlete placed. Generally the first place winner and his/her time and distance are shown, along with Logan results and the distances/times of competitors immediately before or after them

Girls 100

Amaya Lasley 1st, South Warren, 12.84

Cathy Cowles 7th, South Warren, 14.94

Kela Heltsley 8th, Logan, 15.2

Courtney Brady 9th, South Warren, 15.40

Angel Richardson 18th, Moss, 17.72

Brissa Jones (4th grader) 19th, Logan, 19.88

Kailyn Miller (5th grader) 20th, Logan, 21.06


Girls 200

Lasley 1st, 27.12

Karen Abney 5th, Warren East, 33.26

Helstley 6th, 33.28

Carly Miller 7th, Drakes Creek, 33.38

Ashlyn McGehee 10th, Drakes Creek, 34.21

Eliza Hagans (5th grader) 11th, Logan, 34.75

Christa Ford 12th, South Warren, 35.2

Richardson 23rd, Moss, 39.39

Miller (5th grader), Logan, 47.67


Girls 400

Kelsey Dinning 1st, Drakes Creek, 1:12.17

Audrey Wiles 2nd, Drakes Creek, 1:14.6

Rita Schrader 3rd, South Warren, 1:16.78

Heltsley 4th, Logan, 1:19.36

Hagans 5th, Logan 1:23.24

Ford 6th, South Warren, 1:24.35


Girls 1600

Lynda Scannell 1st, Drakes Creek, 5:56.52

Kristin Dent 4th, Bowling Green Junior High, 7:10.42

Jessie Hankins 5th, Logan, 7:20.11

Hope Leeper 6th, Drakes Creek, 7:32.12


Girls Shot Put

Ashlyn McGehee 1st, Drakes Creek, 21-5.75

Emma Harris 2nd, Drakes Creek 21-4.00

Kelsey Rittenberry 3rd, Logan, 19-11.00

Morgan Jones 4th, BGJH, 19-2.00

Jordan Fulkerson, East, 18-005

Katie Brooks 6th, Logan, 16-3.00

Katelyn Pitts 7th, East, 14-2.50

Girls Discus Throw

McGehee 1st, Drakes Creek, 53-10.5

Harris 2nd, Drakes Creek, 48-02

Rittenberry 3rd, 42-05

Jones 4th, BGJH, 41-06

Pitts 6th, East, 37-01.75

Brooks 7th, Logan, 35 -08


Boys 100

Deshawn Crowe 1st, BGJH, 11.9

Justin Felts 4th, Moss, 12.62

Jailin Munday 5th, Logan, 12.74

Alex Brown 6th, Logan, 12.84

Trey Potter 7th, BGJH, 13.01

Benito Valero 8th, Drakes Creek, 13.03

Austin Gouy 9th, Logan, 13.12

Jackson Harrell 10th, East, 13.23

Dylan Jackson 22nd, BGJH, 14.86

Jacob Moore (6th grader) 23rd, Logan, 15.5

Makeal Sanders 24th, East, 16.3


Boys 200

Crowe 1st, BGJH, 26.00

Potter 4th, BGJH, 27.02

Brown 5th, Logan, 27.48

Trevor Naftel 6th, East, 27.54

Austin Byrd 14th, Drakes Creek, 29.71

Harrison Wilson 15th, Logan, 30.18

Xavier Patric 16th, Moss, 30.77

Jackson, BGJH 23rd, BGJH, 32.53

Zack Matthews (5th grader) 24th, Logan, 33.38

Sanders 25th, East, 34.93

Hunter McGhee (5th grader) 26th, Logan, 38.8


Boys 400

Jayilin Munday 1st, Logan, 1:01.21

Crowe 7th, BGJH, 1:01.70

Alex Burnham 8th, Drakes Creek, 1:27.68

H. McGhee (5th grader) 9th, Logan, 1:47.50

Conner Roberts (5th grader) 10th, Logan, 1:52.04


Boys 1600

Benito Valero 1st, Drakes Creek, 5:23.2

Dalton Sledge 5th, East, 5:53.54

Gage Cousineau 6th, Logan, 5:59.04

Chance Nichols 7th, Moss, 6:01.72


Boys 4x200 Relay

East 1st: Jackson Graves, Matthue Harmon, Jacob Williams, Trevor Naftel 1:50.1

East B 5th: Jastin Proctor, Jackson Harrell, Lincoln Xaysana, Manquese Muir 2:06.51

Logan B 6th: Connor Dill, Jack Sanders, Dawson McGhee, Hunter McGhee (5th grader) 2:21.96

Logan A 7th: Jacob Moore (5th grader), Dylan Wilson, Zack Matthews (5th grader), Cameron Matthews (4th grader), 2:33.14


Boys 4x400 Relay

Drakes Creek 1st: Caleb Timberlake, Josh Clemons, Valero, Sam Carini 4:17.42

South Warren 2nd: Tyler Petterson, Josh Elliott, Matt Wininger, Greg Byrd 4:29.67

East 3rd: Harmon, Dalton Sledge, Williams, Caleb Bruce 4:31.32

Logan 4th: Munday, H. Wilson, Gouy, Brown 4:44.13

Drakes Creek 5th: Henry Pepper, Brock Aspley,  Zachary Gibson, Aaron Hardin 5:02.01

Logan B 6th: Moore (5th grader), Sanders, D. McGhee, D. Wilson 5:29.4


Boys Long Jump

Jailin Munday 1st, Logan, 14-03/00

Elliott 2nd, South Warren,14 -01.00

Harrison Tucker 3rd, South Warren,13 -08.5

Gouy 4th, Logan, 13-07.00

Brevon Whitney 5th, East, 13-5.00


Boys Shot Put

Bailey Bullington 1st, Franklin, 27-07.25

Cody Lane 4th, East, 24-07.75

Cade Knight 5th, Logan, 22-06.50

Zachary Gibson 6th, Drakes Creek, 17-04.00


Boys Discus

Jackson Graves 1st, East,105 -02

Lane 2nd, East, 86-03.50

Dalton Young 3rd, East, 78-05

Knight 4th, Logan, 77-02.5

Brendan McMichael 5th, BGJH, 56-11.75


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