Hundreds of names appeared in stories about Rhea Stadium celebration
By Jim Turner

Posted on November 14, 2014 10:31 PM

Throughout this fall, Russellville High School and the Russellville Alumni Association have celebrated 75 years of Panther Football at Rhea Stadium. Throughout that celebration, The Logan Journal has chronicled the history of the stadium, which hosted its first game on Thanksgiving Day 1939, 75 years ago next week.
If you have missed any of those 14 stories, below are the names that appeared in those articles and links to each story on The LoJo. Click on the links to read the stories. Feel free to print any of them to keep. And enjoy Donna Brown Wilkerson's photos of thsee celebrations.

RHS to commemorate 75 years of Panther football at Rhea Stadium, August


C.W. Andrews, Phil Andrews, Roy Arnold, Hollis Baldwin, Jack Bennison, George ‘Red’ Brown, Henry Cannon, Rhea Carpenter, Robert Cates, Homer Chapman, William Owen Chapman, Bobby Clark, Dr. Guy Clark, Billy Clary, Bradley Coffman, W.L. Coleman, Wayne Cornelius, Carlel Costello,  Ford Crowder, John Dalton, Clifton ‘Stooley’ Davis, Coach Ed Diddle, Coach Elvis Donaldson, Mac Donaldson, Jane Noe Duncan, Morris Duncan, Henry B. Edwardsm Johnny Edwards, L.D. Glenn, Billy Mac Goodwin, Earl Martin Gordon, Frank Gorrell,  Patsy Hendrick, R.L. Holloway, Henry  Hopson, Robert Hughes, Melvin Kemp, Clarence Kurtsinger, W.V. Leedom Sr.,  H.C. Lovell, Jimmy Matherly, Inman McLean, John Moore, Lt. Gov. Rodes K. Myers, Tom Noe,  Shirley Pillow, James Province, Ab Rhea, Roland Clark ‘Judge’ Rhea, Tom Rhea Jr., Thomas S. Rhea, President Franklin Roosevelt, Coach Tim Schlosser, Ernest Sears,  Coach L.R. ‘Squee’ Squier, Hickey Stovall, Leslie Varble, Walter West, George Wheeler,  Joe Wheeler, Congressman John Albert Whittaker,  Donna Brown Wilkerson, G. Buford Williams, John Williams, Paul Woodall


Hall of Fame backs to serve as honorary captains tonight, August


Joe Bill Campbell, James ‘Sonny’ Duncan, Glenn ‘Herbie’ Gilliam, Johnny Guion, Coach Harold Hunter, Larry Johnson, Dale Lindsey, Coach Waymond Morris, Coach B.H. Weaver,Coach Howard Wren,  Coach Jim Young


Nichols, Watson to serve as honorary captains for Panthers, September


Coach George Allen, Coach Stumpy Baker, Ronnie Bell, Virgil Benton, Billy Costello, Randy Cowan, Sam ‘Bam’ Cunningham, Larry Duffy, Charles ‘Star’ Duncan, Coach Jimmy Feix, Bob Flowers, Andy Francis, Tim Gilliam, Coach Jim Gladden, John Paul Hughes, James ‘Slick’ Kees, Riley Knifley, Coach John McKay, Scott Neil, Toby Nichols, Barry Parrish, Ralph Parrish, Marc Sanford, Mark Sasson, Lee Roy Selmon, Don Shelton, Tomy Silvey, O.J. Simpson, Coach Steve Spurrier, Joe Theissman, Tommy Threlkeld, Frank Tinch, Billy Warden, Brad Watson, Chris Watson, Coach Howard Wren


Panthers break open close game against Butler County, September


Josh Bigbee, William Owen Chapman Truston Clayton, Coco Darden, Coach El Donaldson, Mac Donaldson, Johnny Drumgole, Coach Ryan Emmick, Blake Graham,  T.K. Hampton, Logan Hanna, Rex Henderson, Patsy Hendrick, Kim McDaniels, Jason Mitchell, Tremon Morris, Coach John Myers, Toby Nichols, Greg Owens,  Trevian Patterson, Eric Procter, Jacob Procter, Desmon Quarles, Leon Smith,  Milam Watkins, Brad Watson, Donna Brown Wilkerson, John Williams


Washington, Humble named honorary captains vs. F-S, September



Coach Ken Barrett, Sonny Duncan, Coach Jimmy Feix, Johnny Guion, Joe Hicks, General Jerry Humble, Margaret Humble, Rev. Sam Humble, Larry Johnson, Coach Lou Kendall, John Markham, Coach Waymond Morris, Coach John Myers, Toby Nichols, Coach Howard Owens,General Norman Schwarzkopf, Chastity Washington, Darwin Washington, Brad Watson, Dante Wells, Phillip West


Franklin escapes Rhea with close, classic win, September


Josh Bigbee, Jerry Billups, Logan Dodson, Victor Dodson, Ike Duncan, Johnny Drumgole, Evan Figert,  Tay Jones,  Coco Darden, Mac Donaldson, Nick Groves, General Jerry Humble, Colton Hurt, Clarkie Leedom Milam, Jaylin McMurry, Lee McMurry, Ann Province McReynolds, Coach John Myers, Bob Nylin, Shirley Pillow Nylin, Coach Doug Preston, Desmon Quarles, John Brett Reynolds, Darwin Washington, Alex Watkins, Milam Watkins, John Wheeler, Phyllis Wilhite, Donna Brown Wilkerson


First RHS state finalists to be honored 50 years later, October 14


Danny Anderson, Gregg  Arnold, Fred Atkinson, Coach Stumpy Baker, Coach Ken Barrett, Michael Benton, Mikie Benton, Tia Benton, Tommy Bonasso, Andy Britt, Mitchell Campbell, Lewis Conger, Larry Cook, Benny Cox, Dickie Crowder, Jimmy Cunningham, Butch Dotson, George Epley,  Mike Gilliam, Bruce Hicks, Jenny Hicks, Lauren Hicks, Joe Hicks, Susan Stewart Hicks, Mark Hughes, Jerry Humble, Mike Humble, Ricky Jenkins, Tommy Kemp, Tom Kirkpatrick, Tim Koch, Coach Buddy Linton, Fran Marren, Johnny Mallory,  Bill McCutchen,  R.W. Merideth, Pete Moore, Coach Waymond ‘Bogey’ Morris, Mike Murphy, Coach John Myers,  Alan Neal, Tommy Page, Coach Joker Phillips, Kenny Rogers, Gary Silvey, Tommy Silvey, Phil Smart, Donald Smith, William Temple, Garry Todd, Sammy Todd, Jim Welker, Tommy Wilkins, Warner Williams, Bill Willis, Coach Howard Wren


Darden has royal night in Panther homecoming, October 14


Jacory Bard, Michael Benton, Mikie Benton, Josh Bigbee, Victoria Bilyeu, Truston Clayton, Benny Cox, Roland Cox, Coco Darden, Johnny Drumgole, Albert Head, Joe Hicks, M.J. Jones, Jacolbie Mason, Jaylin McMurry, JLee McMurry, Jason Mitchell, Coach John Myers, Dillon Porter, Desmon Quarles, Javaren Robey,  Katelyn Suiter,  Donna Brown Wilkerson


Celebration of 75th Year of Rhea s special homecoming, October 14


Coach Ken Barrett, Jeannie Leedom Bowles, George ‘Red’ Brown, Kay Chapman, William Owen Chapman, Dr. Guy Clark, Coach Ryan Davenport, Jane Brown Dodson, Logan Dodson, Victor Dodson, Coach El Donaldson, Mac Donaldson, Jane Noe Duncan, Ike Duncan, Carol Gaddie, Nick Gaddie, Blake Kersteins, Marilane Kersteins, W.V. Leedom Sr., Heather Maddox, Lee Barclay McCombs, Kim McDaniel, Chris McGinnis, Ann Province McReynolds, Emma McReynolds, Coach Tyler Meacham, Beth Rosser Merritt, Clarkie Leedom Milam,  James Milam, James Mooneyhan, Coach John Myers, Coach Bob Nelson, Lillian Rhea Noe, Tom Noe, Bob Nylin, Greg Owens, Shirley Pillow Nylin, Barbara Reeves Province, James Province, Jean Sosh Reynolds, lark Rhea, John Rhea, Roland Clark ‘Judge’ Rhea, Sally Boyd Rhea, Thomas S. Rhea, Will Rosser, Coach Tim Schlosser, Linda Williams Smart, Leon Smith, Mayor Mark Stratton,  Steve Thurmond, George Wheeler, Joe Wheeler, John Wheeler, Peggy Wheeler, Donna Brown Wilkerson, John Williams


Hintons, Dawson, Holman, Clark, Balance, Kirkpatrick to be honorary captains Friday, October 14


Bob Ballance, Coach Ken Barrett, Coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, Alderson Clark Jr., Bobby Dawson, Charles Dennison, Coach El Donaldson ,Maynard Elftmann, Billy Fuqua, Ray Gaw, Bobby Goodwin, Bobby Hardy, Joe Hardy, Coach Jimmy Haynes,  Harold ‘Tub’ Hinton, Huey Hinton,  James Holman, Coach Harold Hunter, Shorty Jamison, Rex Johnson, Dr. Pat Kirkpatrick, Alvin ‘Butch’ Klein, Harold ‘Plute’ Klein, Kenneth Knight, Buddy Linton, Larry Ludwig, G.C. McMillen, Coach Joe Morris, Henry Moss, Bobby Murphy, Coach John Myers, Charles ‘Bunk’ O’Brien, Coach Fred Pancoast, Coach Ben Parker,Glenn Pate,  Herky Payne, Coach Joe Russell, Jimmy Sanford, Bill Soboda, Forrest Varble, Moss Walton, Hugh ‘Hoptown’ Waltrip, Howard Wren


Jimmy Haynes family has great memories of RHS football, October 14


George ‘Red’ Brown, Lucille Brown, Ray Gaw, Johnny Guion, Joe Hardy, Coach Jimmy Haynes, Jimmy Haynes Jr., Coach Ben Parker, Coach Steve Spurrier, Hugh ‘Hoptown’ Waltrip, Clay Wren, Coach Howard Wren


Great quarterbacks to be honorary captains Friday, November 14


Jerry Allen, Jeff Ashby, Fred Atkinson, Coach Stumpy Baker, Bob Ballance, Keb Barrett, Coach Ken Barrett, Lt. Gov. Emerson ‘Doc’ Beauchamp, Bernard Bellamy, Mikie Benton, Virgil Benton, Gov. Ned Breathitt, Andy Britt, Donna Brown, Coach Floyd Burnsed,  Johnny Bushong, Paul Bushong,  Jonathan Cage, Mike Cassidy, John Paul Cates, Alderson Clark Jr., Roger Cook, Billy Costello, Randy Cowan, Benny Cox, Roland Cox, Bobby Dawson, Coach Denny Doyle, Larry Duffy, Onassa Duncan, Bob Flowers, Sen. Wendell Ford, Brian Fruits, Kevin Fruits, Rodney Gordon, Michael Gough, Carl Grinter, Elois Grooms, Johnny Guion, Harold ‘Tub’ Hinton, Huey Hinton, James Holman, Larry Johnson Sr., Larry Johnson Jr., Coach Lou Kendall, Dr. Pat Kirkpatrick, Coach Buddy Linton, John Markham, Terry McKenzie, Tim McKenzie, Greg Meacham, Coach Jim Michaels, Andre Morris, Coach Waymond Morris, Coach Wayne Mullen, Coach John Myers,  Alan Neal, Scott Neil, Keith Northern, Barry Parrish, Ralph Parrish, Coach Joker Phillips, Mark Sasson, Coach Wayne Shewmaker, Dickie Shifflett, Jimmy Smith, Leon Smith, Randy Smith, Tim Smith, Ricky Stack, Tony Stokes, Coach Dennis Sydnor, Bob Tattitch, Coach Phil Todd, Tommy Threlkeld, Garry Todd, Darwin Washington, Chris Watson, Dante Wells, Philip West, Tommy Wilkins, Tim Williams, Andy Woodall, Oscar York


To contend with Panthers, team have to stop the run, November 14


Jacory Bard, Keb Barrett, Coach Ken Barrett, Virgil Benton, Josh Bigbee, Coach Todd Crumbacker, CoCo Darden, Johnny Drumgole, Alec Greenwell, T.K. Hampton, M.J. Jones, Ryan Kaelin, John Markham, Coach Jaylin McMurry, Lee McMurry, Jacolbie Mason, Kim McDaniel, Jason Mitchell, Tremon Morris, John Myers, Evan Perry, Jacob Procter, Desmon Quarles, Devin Quarles, Jimmy Smith, Paulette Benton Smith, Coach Phil Todd, Dru West, Donna Brown Wilkerson, Andy Woodall


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