Older Fair Pageant winners named, shown
By Dee Dee Brown, Logan County Tourism

Posted on August 19, 2021 9:07 AM

These were the top three places in categories in the older age groups at the 2021 Logan County Fair Mr. & Miss Pageant were as follows:

Boys Ages 2-3 Years

3rd  Place: Walker Thomas-son of Annie Brown & Bucky Thomas of Russellville



2nd   Place: Ronan Karscz, son of Ron & Autumn Karscz of Russellville


1st   Place: Ky’Marius Bradshaw, son of Kayla Coleman & Lee Marcus Bradshaw of Russellville


Girls Ages 4-5 Years

3rd   Place: Hallie Howitt, daughter of Cash & Kaitlyn Beadnell & Tyler & Nikki Howitt of Russellville


2nd   Place: Emma Jean Gloyd, daughter of Dustin & Breanna Gloyd of Russellville


1st   Place: Emalyn Pearl Southerland, daughter of Tim & Mandy Southerland of Morgantown


Boys Ages 4-5 Years

3rd  Place:



2nd   Place: Tie of Clyde & Dean Anderson, sons of Brandon & Michelle Anderson of Russellville


1st   Place: Noah Hamilton, son of Neal & Pamela Hamilton of Russellville


Girls Ages 6-7 Years


3rd   Place: Breanna Thompson, daughter of Nick & Jeanette Thompson of Lewisburg


2nd   Place: Ada Marie Brown, daughter of Adam & Brooke Brown of Morgantown


1st   Place: Layla Hampton, daughter of Nikki McGuire & Chris Hampton of Russellville


Girls Ages 8-10 Years

3rd  Place: Willow Taylor, daughter of Jamie Taylor & Shawn Taylor of Russellville



2nd   Place: Maci Harrison, daughter of Matthew & Heather Harrison of Claymour


1st   Place: Alissa Hampton, daughter of Alicison McGahey & Chris Hampton of Russellville




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