A salute to retiring Chief Victor Shifflett
By Matthew Williams

Posted on August 1, 2019 8:34 AM


Through eight years of Russellville's highs and lows, we are fortunate to have received protection and neighborly support from the chief of the Russellville Police Department. As he officially turns in his uniform on Aug. 1, Russellville Independent Schools would like to thank retiring Police Chief Victor Shifflett for his 25 years of service to our city and to the school district.

In 1993, he worked his first job in law enforcement as a patrolman. Over the progressing years, Shifflet built upon his skills and enrolled in the FBI National Academy and the Southern Police Institute’s Administrative Officers Course (graduating from both). In 2011, he was promoted to chief of the RDP. 

Since then, Shifflett acted as percipient leader, always extending himself out to the community and to our schools. He’s supplied officers to control the traffic congestion after school, educated students on acceptable behavior, attended the open houses as a friendly face to families, supplied resource officers to protect the schools, and much, much more. 

Shifflett made public school safety a priority on his list, and if it weren’t for his determination to accommodate our school’s needs, we would be 10 steps back rather than 10 steps forward in giving each student the protection they deserve. 

We thank him for everything he’s given to Russellville Independent Schools and hope that his next chapter comes with new adventures and many joys! We R Thankful!   

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