RED RIVER AWAKENINGS early spring 2024
By Tom and Dreama Ruley

Posted on February 25, 2024 1:56 PM

The historic Red River Meetingouse at Schochoh offers many events which are attracting visitors from many states, nations and cultures.

Upcoming Events

Spring Encampment-April 26-28

Annual Potluck Dinner/Business Meeting-Sept. 8

Fall Rendezvous and Campmeeting-Oct. 11-13

Christmas Candlelight Service-Dec. 1, 4 p.m. (following the Schochoh Christmas parade that begins at 2 p.m.)

Devotional services first Sunday of every month – 3 p.m.

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Richard and Darlynn Moore, Tom and Dreama Ruley, Matthew Ruley and Cori Davis met for a few hours to do some updates and changes on the site. Much appreciation goes to Matthew Ruley for setting up and maintaining the site. We welcome Cori Davis and her technical expertise to our Facebook account.

MONTHLY DEVOTIONAL SERVICES have been definite God ordained meetings. Never knowing who will attend or what God has in store, the faithful few arrive with expectant hearts. In September there were many visitors from various places and none knew the others would be there.

Mr Moose, a Cree Indian from Manitoba, Canada, and his wife who sang in her Inuit language, attended. He had little red pieces of cloth that are prayed over and then as he travels all over the world he leaves the cloths of prayer. Mr Rex gave out master keys with the message that we have the keys to the kingdom. Jim Brooks gave out pecans from his family farm. His ancestor died in New Orleans fighting beside Andrew Jackson, and when his body was returned to Adams, Tenn. for burial, there were pecans in his pocket which the family planted and now a huge tree thrives there. Each person left rejoicing in what God had orchestrated. Note: Revival has broken out in PastorMoose's First Nation church and many white people are joining in. Godis moving!

Since then, the Canadians who visited RRMH last fall have stayed in contact with Jim Brooks and have invited h im and his wife to attend their conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada this month. They requested that he bring a sheet prayed over by us when we have our service. There are about 350,000 First Nation people, who include Ojibwi and Cree Indians who live on the reservations in Winnipeg.

After Tom Ruley led a devotional about prayer cloths and faith at our February meeting, the eight of us anointed and prayed over the sheets for God to not only take revival to Canada, but bring revival here to us as well. It was a very anointed and spirit led prayer time.

In October some ladies came from Louisiana just for our devotional service. There were many testimonies shared and prayer for each other. It was a very special day!

ANNUAL DINNER AND BUSINESS MEETING 2023 This was the first time to have the potluck under the pavilion with the new tables. What a blessing not to have to set tables out on uneven ground and what a blessing to NOT have to worry about the weather. The tables were constructed by the Logan County High School ag shop and were gifts of generous donors.

The Adairville Baptist Church quartet brought beautiful music to our service. Kevin Armisted of Gallatin, Tenn. gave the sermon with new information and a different perspective on how the Great Revival affected the world. In the business meeting, Steve Gove was added on as a board member to replace Norm Poppy, who died in December 2022.

Immediately following the day's activities, Mr and Mrs Johns from Lebanon, Tenn. led a communion service in the meetinghouse. Mr Johns, a Messianic Jew, blessed the elements in Hebrew and English. The presence of the Lord was beautiful, just like the weather that day.

FALL RENDEZVOUS AND CAMPMEETING What a wonderful weekend with “family” and new campers. If you have noticed the pew in the

meetinghouse, James Taylor and Steven Vann worked on making parts for it. James repaired it at his home and delivered it just in time for the Christmas Candlelight service. If you have listened to the history lesson in years past, it has changed somewhat. The Vanns share music and a brief lesson on the instruments from the time period, Tom Ruley teaches about the moral climate of that time and Dreama Ruley wraps it up sharing about the revival and how it changed the area, the nation and the world. Ruley has many items for the audience to see and touch, which bring the year of 1800 to life.

Robert Operia brought the sermons, “Our Life is a Sermon” and “Wearing the Armor of God.” Steven Vann shared a sermon Rev. James McGready would have presented during the sacrament service. It was a wonderful weekend regardless of the cold winds and partial eclipse that hid the sun.


Tom Ruley and Darlynn Moore met with the Adult and Youth Leadership Logan groups. Darlynn and Dreama Ruley met with two of Adairville's 8th grade classes on field trips to the meetinghouse. It is such a joy to be able to share the history of this special place and the amazing things God is still doing. Tom Ruley also met with the Senior adults from Adairville Baptist Church, and a class from Trevecca Nazarene University.


The living historians rode in the 2023 Schochoh parade, throwing candy and inviting spectators to the candlelight service.

The meetinghouse was glowing with the candlelight and joyous hearts of those attending. Songs of yuletide were led by the Operia family, and Robert Operia brought the sermon, “Why Are You Here?” He touched on how the settlers prepared for winter and depended on God for their survival. As we pondered the message we shared our fire with those around us and brought in the Christmas season with the song, “Silent Night”.

“What a wonderful Christmas holiday experience we shared that evening. The musicians played Christmas music on replicas of centuries-old instruments as singers in “period” clothing led us in singing carols of the past. The room was lit only by candlelight and after the speaker had shared stories of how our forefathers celebrated Christmas in this territory, we each had a candle lighting moment as we passed the light on to each other. It was a beautiful experience and we were even blessed with hot cider, hot cocoa and delicious cookies by Ms. Darlynn. Enjoying moments like this make the season even brighter and seems to make it last a little longer. Worth the trip and every minute spent with friends of RRMH. It was a Holy night,” wrote Beverly Dycus 12-2023

“After recently arriving in Nashville to work, I found that I was a short distance from Red River Meetinghouse, which I had heard about many times over the last few years. I found on your website that you have a Christmas service in December and would be in the area that weekend, so I made the drive up. I enjoyed exploring the cemetery through the self-walking tour and reading all the information that was posted. It was a beautiful afternoon walking through all the fallen leaves trying to find each tombstone listed on the tour. I visited with some of the ladies that were setting up the meetinghouse for the service. I was impressed with thewarm hospitality and inviting atmosphere of all those involved.

“Beautiful Christmas songs were sung by all, and the service by candlelight made the experience so special. You could feel Holy Spirit’s presence throughout the service. I definitely want to return next year and bring my family to enjoy this special place,” wrote Jennifer Sheffield of Platte, S.D.


Contributions to RRMH are tax deductible. We accept personal checks made out to “Red River Meetinghouse and Cemetery” or you can use Paypal on our website. Thank you for your past contributions and generous support.


Melanie Meadows’ historical fictions The Waking Up and They Roared Like Lions, Dreama Ruley's Camping Memories, and Glenda

Orme Clark's A Table in the Frontier: Pioneers, Protestants & the Presence of God: Amazing Events and Astonishing First-Hand Accounts of the Second Great Awakening in Kentucky and Tennessee. All of these

books can be ordered through Amazon, purchased at The Grapevine or at The Shops at 110, both in Adairville, and at Mustard SeedMarketplace in Franklin, KY.

Evergreen tree in the center of the property  was planted by devoted prayer warriors having a service some years ago. The group prayed and as the Holy Spirit led, asked forgiveness of wrongs their ancestors had committed against the Native Americans. In turn, a Native American chief was in the group, and he also prayed asking forgiveness for what his people had done to the whites. It was a very emotional and precious time with the Lord and each other.

The tree symbolizes the forgiveness and love now shared among the people in the United States.

My that tree has grown and thrived! May our hearts do the same. If anyone else remembers that service, please send your

memories of the day to Dreama Ruley at

SPECIAL THANKS to Denise Robey for the new sign that greets visitors as they turn off of Hwy 663. It directs them to the correct lane that leads to our parking lot. The sign was placed the day before our candlelight service and is such a blessing.

CLEAN UP DAY- MARCH 16,9 until 5

We will have a makeup day on March 23 if weather causes us to cancel March 16. Weneed to clear fallen limbs, cleaning out the fence row on the west side of the meetinghouse, fix the gate, clean the restrooms and meetinghouse.

Please let us know if you are coming. Please bring any gloves and tools you deem necessary.


We welcome 2024 with exciting news to share. RRMH is on the newly established Kentucky Faith Trail. Several sites are

Included, so be sure and check out the website

We have the need for a handicap ramp into the meetinghouse. With RRMH being a historic site, and folks wanting to visit along with those wanting to worship in our replica building, the steps can be a

hindrance. We do not want to hinder those who are lame, unable to walk, and wheelchair-bound from coming into the house of worship hereat RRMH.If you feel led to help in this endeavor, please specify it

with your contribution.

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