LCHS sophomores offered discounted ACT testing
By Amber McKinney, Guidance Counselor

Posted on January 23, 2020 10:28 AM

Getting ready for college can be stressful. With a checklist of items to complete, students must submit applications, ensure transcripts are sent, apply for financial aid as well as scholarships, and most importantly score high enough on the ACT to get accepted to their school of choice. The ACT is administered during students’ junior year of high school in order to try to meet college benchmarks.
Most students want to take the test multiple times to obtain the best score possible and at over $50 an exam, testing can become costly.
Logan County High School is pleased to announce that on March 24, 10th grade students can take the ACT at school for a discounted price. The reduced price of $35 is only offered to 10th graders who take the assessment on March 24.
Taking advantage of the discounted price is an affordable way to get acquainted with the exam that is so crucial to college acceptance and scholarship awards. Sophomores who choose to test on this day and get familiar with the exam will likely have less test anxiety in the future because they are familiar with the exam and know what to expect. Students will also receive a baseline for growth and improvement to ensure they are prepared when they do take the required exam as a junior.
Junior year is also the year when the options for dual credit increase. Dual credit classes are an affordable option for high school students to receive college credit at one third of regular college tuition prices. Most of the dual credit classes require a benchmark score and given the right score, the sophomores who take the ACT on March 24 could be ready to take dual credit classes when their junior year begins. LCHS has articulation agreements with five different colleges/universities, opening the door for hundreds of dual credit class options for students.
Sophomores interested in taking the reduced price ACT exam can contact Mrs. McKinney. Signups will be available through Feb. 7. For more information regarding the ACT parents may contact Logan County High School.

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