Logan to receive major funding from tobacco settlement fund

Posted on June 4, 2023 5:06 AM

Logan County is slated to receive $168,614 in funding from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF). According to Rep. Jason Petrie, the announcement was shared with legislators at the monthly meeting of the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee. The legislative committee reviews funding awarded by the KADF.

The funds were specifically appropriated for the Logan County Cattlemen’s Association through two different investment programs. The County Agricultural Investment Program, which is designed to assist in the improvement and diversification of local farm operations, invested over $88,000. Alongside this, the Youth Agricultural Incentives Program invested $80,000 to be used for enhancing youth engagement and participation in agricultural opportunities.

 “I am happy to announce that Logan County will receive a total of $168,614 in agriculture development funds. This investment is especially exciting because we have been able to take advantage of funding opportunities across multiple domains: day-to-day farm operations and youth engagement. The legislature aims to achieve continued growth in one of the most important sectors in our state’s economy, and our teamwork with the Department of Agriculture and the Agriculture Development Board is just one example of executing this goal. I look forward to seeing how this will benefit our communities and the surrounding areas soon.” Rep. Petrie said.

The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement fund was established as a result of an accord that was reached in 1998 between four major tobacco product manufacturers and 46 states. Kentucky’s portion of the payout has surpassed $2.2 billion in what remains the largest civil settlement in U.S. history. The legislature has since utilized these funds for exploring new opportunities to benefit Kentucky farms now and in the future.

In addition to monitoring awards from the tobacco settlement, lawmakers also review the long-term trajectory of both county and state-wide agricultural development plans. As a result, the Committee is tasked with devising investment strategies to revitalize and diversify tobacco farms, promoting research in alternative crop production methods, and most importantly, directly assisting local farming activities. Alongside agricultural initiatives, a large portion of the settlement money has been invested in early childhood development programs and public health programs.

To learn more about the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee, please visit the Statutory Committee section of legislature.ky.gov.


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