Rand Paul brings senate campaign to wife's hometown
By Jim Turner

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Rand Paul is an unabashed fan of capitalism and of the Constitution. The Bowling Green ophthalmologist warned Logan Countians Tuesday that a movement is underway to undermine capitalism. He maintained that President Barrack Obama "apologized for our way of life" at a meeting with world leaders recently.
He praised leaders who won't consider any proposed legislation until they first determine it is both moral and Constitutional.
He criticized attempts to push legislation through Congress without giving lawmakers ample time to study its contents. He talked about one bill that was a thousand pages long plus references to other documents. Legislators were asked to vote in less than 24 hours. "They make us wait to buy guns. We need to make them wait to pass a bill," he said. "I propose they have to wait 20 days for every page that a bill is long."

Paul, who is a candidate for the Republican nomination to be the junior U.S. Senator from Kentucky, was speaking during a meeting of the Logan County Republican Women's Club. Many guests were there, including some who are running for office themselves.
Since he is a health care professional, Dr. Paul has a unique perspective on laws governing health care and health insurance. He said doctors have little incentive to reduce fees they charge patients, since insurance companies and Medicare determine what they will pay for each service and people without insurance tend to go to emergency rooms, which have to provide them service.
He said some religious groups which don't believe in insurance are able to get doctors to negotiate their fees, which he thinks is a healthy thing. "Profit is a good thing. Competitive pricing is good for the market," he contended.

Paul made a number of contentions, including the following:
1) Term limitations would be better than having career politicians. He proposes a maximum of two six-year terms for senators and either six two-year terms or three four-year terms for members of the House of Representatives.
2) A balanced budget should be mandated.
3) The United States has to control its borders. Sixteen of the 19 hijackers in the 9-1-1 attacks were here on legal visas.
4) Health insurance should be made available long-term like term life insurance. People could enter into 20-year contracts for insurance. He would like to see 20-year-olds purchase 45-year plans.
5) He would have voted against going into battle in Iraq but for war with terrorists in Afghanistan.
6) The primary function of government is national defense. He would always vote to take care of our veterans.
7) We should not send foreign aid to countries who subsidize low-wage laborers to compete with our workers.
8) OSHA regulations should be reduced.

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Rand Paul is married to the former Kelly Ashby, a 1981 graduate of Russellville High School. He talked about how they have brought their children here to take part in Fourth of July Kiddie Parades orchestrated by Bob and Joyce Guion. Kelly's parents, Hilton and Lil Ashby of Russellville, were present at the meeting.
Dr. Paul, who is the son of former presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul, has been on Fox News on a national level five times. He said the last poll before Christmas showed him with a 19-point lead over his nearest Republican rival for the seat now held by Senator Jim Bunning, who is retiring.

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Another graduate of Russellville High School, Chris Gadbois, is the official photographer for the Rand Paul U.S. Senate 2010 campaign. He took the pictures accompanying this article.

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Mary Vaccarella is president of the Republican Women's Club. Other members of the board are Program Chairwoman Jane Noe, Membership Chairwoman Bobbie Jean Burnett, Ways and Means Chairwoman Zelma Cundiff, Secretary Judith Merriamand Treasurer Annie Statton.

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