Scarbrough, Barnett represent schools on Leadership Logan
By Penni Nugent

Posted on September 27, 2015 8:54 PM

The adult 2015-2016 Leadership Logan Class has begun. Seventeen individuals from all walks of life gathered for Orientation on Thursday, Aug. 6, for an introduction to what the next nine months would hold for them. They will be learning about the great wealth of natural resources, people, and organizations that make the quality of life in Logan County second-to-none.

Logan County, rich in heritage, tradition and natural beauty, offers residents an array of services, entertainment, and opportunities for growth and fellowship. From Logan County’s original land mass, 28 counties have been formed in whole or in part; regional, state, and national leaders have emerged; the Great Revival of 1800 took place; a colony of Shakers made their home; colleges were formed; rich soils have resulted in a strong agricultural economy; four incorporated cities have grown in size and diversity, and we are now making our way through the 21st Century. 

Basically, Leadership Logan is an experience more than some sort of class or lecture. There are themed days — such as taking a look at local history, how government works, the importance of agriculture, tourism, human services and an intense look at Logan's industry just to name a few — and there is also the camaraderie of those in the class with whom you share the experience of Leadership Logan. Most of all, though, is the point of the class, which is to equip current and future leaders with the knowledge of the place they call home.

A senior student representative from each high school is selected and enrolled. Nicholas Scarbrough is from Russellville Junior/Senior High School, and Rachel Barnett is from Logan County High School. 

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