WKU announces Fall 2016 honor students

Posted on February 8, 2017 4:02 AM

Western Kentucky University has announced its Fall 2016 Dean’s and President’s List. These lists are open to undergraduate students who have at least 12 hours of coursework for the semester with no incomplete grades. Students making the Dean’s List have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 on a 4.0 scale. Students on the President’s List have GPAs of 3.8 to 4.0 and are indicated by an asterisk (*). Students who have requested that their information be confidential in TopNet will not be listed.

Students with Logan County addresses are listed below. Those who are graduates of Logan County or Russellville high schools who now have Bowling Green addresses are not included. The city named is based on zip codes, not on their alma maters.

A-town: Shelby Baldwin, Alyssa M. Lowe*,  Brianna Wooden,  John Wright, Brooke Barnes, Jacob M. Burton, Kelsey M. Bond, Jessica M. Link, Victoria G. Mills*, Christina S. Link*

Allensville: Kelly Eicher*, Emilie Gill*

Auburn Wesley Estes*, Hilary R. Vaughn, Charles M. Bradley, Brittany S. Staley, Jonathan E. Decoster, Michael W. Masterman, Ben Wright*, Savannah L. Rogers*, Amber D. Greenlaw*, Easton R. May, Veneda A. Conn, Caleb M. Williams, Chelsea Dunn*, Desirae Powell, Kayla M. Hazel*, Cynthia C. Dukes, Katlyn B. Clark*, Rebecca A. Orndorff, Raegan Cole, Victoria F. Gipson, Shelby Blythe, Morgan R. Kistler*, Carson Zibart*, Rachel N. Hines, Brittany R. Carter, Ryan Basham, Maggie Hines, William D. Simmons

Lewisburg: Luke Woodall*, Jackson Wells*, Kaitlin M. Wells, Amber L. Clements, Tracie A. Abell, Audrey Wells, Heather Silvey, Christopher W. Morris

Olmstead: Lindsey M. Dick, Madison Alvis*, Joe Holliday, Robert C. Mclellan, Brittany N. Byler

Russellville: Trevor Brown, Dustin Cartas*, Sydney Herndon, Shella B. Thomas, Logan Johnson*, Amber Carroll*, Thomas Shifflett*, Emily N. Stamps, Adam Wilkins*, Lauryn A. Slaton, Zachery T. Burton*, Madison D. Anderson*, Charlton B. Wetton, Allison E. Blythe*, Anthony Covington, Amanda M. Huff, Brittney Barton*, Tonya Thomas*, Mindy Sauers*, Esmeralda Vargas, Austin N. Bradley, Molly H. Bell*, Chanler Steenbergen, Elizabeth Ann Ayers, Jason M. Klein, Caroline Milam Baldwin*, Brittany M. Harper, Emma-Lee C. Powell*, Savannah N. Mohr*, Darla D. Spencer, Brandon L. Marcum*, Craig Q. Calloway Russellville, Rachel Fisher, Molly Latham, Jennifer Stratton*, Rachel A. Cunningham*, Cierra Johnson, Kelsey Coleman*, Paul Addison*, Megan L. Fulcher*, Cameron Collier, Ashley D. Brinkley*, Dustin Lee*, Jaylee D. Chick, Katie L. Robertson, Brittnai F. Flippen, Brittany V. Martin*, Robert R. Orndorff*, Kalin E. Yonts*, Phillip Wilkerson*, Sarah Vanzee*, Victoria Lynch*, Sierra D. Morris, Rachel I. Shelton*, Chandler Larson*, Elizabeth VanZee, Troy J. Bernier, Will Hughes*, Sarah E. Brown, Shannon R. Hudnall, Brooks Chenault

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