Russellville STEAM Factory presents projects
By Penni Nugent

Posted on July 15, 2019 7:40 PM

Late in the spring semester at the Russellville 21st Century Center, the STEAM Factory invited students' families and friends to join them for a night of student-led reflection and presentations.

Students discussed their learning through student work which was on display. They were able to model experiments that have taken place throughout the year, such as building bridges and tiny homes, creating cardboard basketball arcade games, planting seeds, and partaking in Lego challenges.

Students were even able to experience new STEAM activities such as building boats, rockets, and creating their own bouncy balls.

Middle school students presented their Passion Projects through a gallery walk where parents and other students could move about from presentation to presentation in small groups. They presented their student-created apps, DNA family studies, and many projects which were helpful to the community under the theme #BETHECHANGE.

Mrs. Laura Thompson is the Russellville District STEAM Coordinator, and she said, “We are proud of our students' hard work and dedication. She also encourages the public to follow STEAM Factory on Facebook to see featured presentations.  

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