Community gathering designed to emphasize Logan's Profiles of Success

Posted on March 13, 2020 7:59 AM


Logan County Schools recenly held a Profile of Success Community Information Night. The Profile of Success is a collective vision that articulates our community's aspirations for all Logan County students. Developed through a conversation with local business and community leaders, the profile contains a shared agreement about a unique community-owned picture of what Logan County graduates need for success.

The Logan County Profile of Success is made up of five success indicators or characteristics—collaborators, innovators, empowered learners, communicators, and global citizens. During the Information Night, each school in the district highlighted how their students display one of these characteristics.

Students and teachers from Auburn shared many examples of how students in their school are collaborators. Geometry students have collaborated, or worked jointly, with their teacher, each other, and Interim Principal Ben Kemplin to draw a blueprint of the new Auburn school. The Auburn Leadership Team, a group of students in second through eighth grades, collaborated to collect over 200 items for the Logan County Humane Society.

Lewisburg School shared how their students are global citizens. A global citizen is someone who impacts his or her school, community, and future world. They take an active role in the community and work with others to make the world more equal, fair, and sustainable. To demonstrate this characteristic, one Lewisburg student did a passion project in which she made boxes to welcome new students to Lewisburg. The Lewisburg Principal Task Force has set up a Community Blessing Box to provide food for those in the community who are in need. Lewisburg’s sustainability club took an active role in the community by picking up trash and using the money they earned to go on a field trip.

Adairville students shared how they are becoming empowered learners. According to these students, being an empowered learner is about being able to make choices about what to learn, how to learn it, what resources to use, and how to use what is learned to help others. Empowered learners are in charge of their own learning. The students shared how they have used the Summit Learning Platform this year in middle school to become empowered learners as they set goals, prioritize, and master content at their own pace. They also highlighted how students at Adairville were encouraged to find something in their school they wanted to fix or improve and come up with an idea to improve it. Students then presented their ideas to a panel of administrators for consideration.

Students from the Olmstead Ram News Nation, a group of students who work together each week to collect and broadcast school news, shared how students at their school are communicators through a video they filmed. The Ram News Nation interviewed students and teachers to see when they are communicators and what good communicators do. Students in the video said they are communicators when they are effective speakers, listeners, writers, and when they understand the message of others.

Students and teachers from Chandler’s School highlighted examples of ways they are innovators. For the information night, one Chandler’s student put together an innovative presentation showing what Chandler’s kindergarteners want to be when they grow up. Chandler’s teachers shared about their after school Innovators Club in which students are encouraged to use their creativity to seek out a problem and create a unique, realistic solution.

Logan County High School juniors shared about the Profile of Success Competencies Showcase recently hosted by the high school. Several seniors gave information about the newly developed Senior Portfolios which each senior will need to complete successfully in order to graduate. The portfolios will consist of four individual reflections, three learning experience reflections in which each of the profile of success competencies are addressed, and a work readiness document.

The Logan County Profile of Success Information Night was attended by over 100 people, and members of the community left with a better understanding of Logan County’s Profile of a Graduate characteristics.


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