RHS seeks to improve ACT success online
By RHS Principal Kim McDaniel

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

Below is information from our website about a new ACT prep program that the district has added to help our school prepare students to take the ACT exam as juniors. Besides the academic benefits of this program, a higher ACT score could financially impact how you plan to send your child to college.

Our goal is to remediate our students who aren’t meeting benchmark but also to take the students who are making benchmark to the next level so that they will be eligible for more scholarship money.

The difference between a 27 and a 28 on the ACT can be a full scholarship to a state university.


Russellville High School students striving to score as high as possible on the ACT can now work to improve their score through an online program accessible through this Web site.

The program, called the Online StudyGuide for the ACT/PLAN, is a product of Triumph College Admissions and is provided at no charge for RHS students by the school district.

“We feel this program will provide us a comprehensive approach in assisting our students in identification of some of the areas they need to work on to improve their ACT assessment,” said Superintendent Leon Smith.

Mr. Smith also feels the study guide will help make a difference in the overall results of RHS students’ efforts.

“With the emphasis on college and career readiness, ACT scores are an integral part of our assessment,” he said.

The results of the ACT college admissions exam “are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.,” according to www.actstudent.org.

The test is offered six times each year and covers English, math, reading and science.

Once a student has taken the test and received their results, they can begin working through the online study guide to improve their score. The study guide can be found on this Web site by clicking on the Russellville High School tout on the home page and scrolling down the right side of the RHS page to the TCA ACT Test Preparation icon pictured under the calendar. The study guide can be accessed by clicking on the icon.

“The students start with a diagnostic ACT and their score is ranked according to their weakest concepts,” said Marvin Beresford, a Triumph education consultant for Kentucky. “The student works on lessons and quizzes focusing on their weakest areas.”

While Beresford said the documented success of students using the online study guide “is anecdotal due to the large number of variables,” his company has observed that “the student working as few as 10 hours in the program can see a two- to three-point gain in score.”

Other Kentucky schools currently offering the online study guide for their students include Kentucky’s number one-ranked high school, duPont Manual, which is in Louisville, and Logan County High, according to Beresford.

While the majority of RHS students wait until their junior year to take the ACT, Mr. Smith is encouraging all sophomores to take the test “so they can begin to work on their weaknesses” and retake the test to improve their score. Students may take the ACT as many times as it is offered each year, he said.

Mr. Smith added that anyone who plans to apply for the Governor’s Scholar program this year must take the ACT no later than October.

The ACT will be administered at RHS on the following dates for students who register online at act.org:

·Oct. 26 – The registration deadline is Sept. 27. Students may register late by paying a required late fee from Sept. 28 through Oct. 11.

·Dec. 14 – The regular registration deadline is Nov. 8. Students may register late by paying a required late fee from Nov. 9-22.

·Feb. 8, 2014 – The registration deadline is Jan. 10. Students may register late by paying a required late fee Jan. 11-24, 2014.


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