CCDW Reform Bill must be defeated
By John Miller

Posted on February 11, 2014 9:56 PM

John Miller is a graduate of Russellville High School and a retired teacher and coach. He is a professional firearms instructor. He teaches classes in concealed carry of deadly weapons.

Senate Bill 60, the so-called CCDW Reform Bill, was passed in committee Tuesday, and could be voted on in the Kentucky Senate as early as Friday. Despite the fact that many CCDW Instructors and Trainers oppose the bill, the only person who had an opportunity to speak to the committee was the trainer who had fostered the bill through a political ally.

The bill will 1) impose an unnecessary responsibility on instructors and will open up the program to fraud; 2) allow people to carry guns in bars; and 3) remove the requirement that a license applicant demonstrate proficiency in caring for his/her own firearm.

This bill does a disservice to the CCDW Program; does nothing to improve the program; creates the potential for gunfights in bars; and must be defeated in the Kentucky General Assembly.

Please contact your representative and senator and ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 60. If you do not know who your senator and representative are, send me your ZIP code on Facebook, and I will reply back with names, phone numbers, and mailing addresses for you to contact. Or, you can find that information here:

or here:

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