Ramblings from a winter-ravaged mind
By June Lyne Robinson

Posted on January 1, 0001 12:00 AM

One summer, my husband decided he wanted a pond dug on the other side of the creek. The project was later dropped, but this experience happened while the project was beginning.
Glenn was at work, and Will Logan and a guy they called Jingle Bells were here, both on some kind of heavy equipment, Will on the other side of the creek, and Jingle Bells up in the back of the yard. I was outside, probably in the garden. I had on shorts and a short-sleeved blouse. Well, as I walked to within about 30 yards of Jingle Bells, Will shouted something to him from across the creek, evidently asking him to ask me something.
In answer to Will's question, Jingle Bells shouted back, "Aw, that's just his boy. He don't know nuthin'." WHAT? That's just his BOY???" I stomped my foot and stalked back into the house. "For cryin' out loud! HIS BOY?? Harrumph! Well, I never........grumble grumble....."
Finally, I started laughing about it. I told Glenn the story the next day, and that set off a round of teasing from both him and from Will. I finally had enough of Glenn's ribbing, and ended it by simply saying, "Well.....he did think I looked young enough to be your child."
A "gotcha" moment that was, and it ended the teasing from Glenn.
( His boy. For cryin' out loud......)

The LoJo

I don't like February; never have. It was Sunday, Feb. 5, a cold, overcast day. Glenn was working at the Corvette Plant, and he and another guy from here who worked there had left to go to work. Glenn called me about 2:00 that afternoon, said his truck had broken down near Auburn, and they'd had to hitch a ride to work. He asked me to bring the car to the plant, and have Mom and Gene follow me, so they could bring me home. Fine, no problem, right? Wrong!
We started up there, with Gene and Mom in front. It began to... precipitate something, and suddenly the road became a sheet of ice! They were in a big 4-wheel drive pick-up. I was not. In spite of not even having my foot on the accelerator, I suddenly slid off of the road, backwards, into a ditch. Big son of a ditch. Well, from nowhere came a truck that pulled over to the side of the road. A guy jumped out and said he had some chains, and he'd pull me right out. He did just that! I thanked him profusely, and tried to pay him something for his kind rescue, but he refused and was gone in a flash. (My guardian angel that day, for sure.)
Gene finally realized I wasn't behind him, turned around and came back to see what had happened. I had almost stopped shaking by then, and he proceeded to calm me down, somewhat. I remember telling him, "PLEASE go slow! I can't go any speed at all!!" Whew. We proceeded at a snail-like speed, and finally neared the plant. I remember having to idle in traffic at some point, and got that visual thing you get when other objects are moving, but you feel like you are! Addled, I was, addled and frazzled. I finally got the car parked in the parking lot at the plant, and then the three of us stopped at Shoney's to get something to eat. It had taken us hours to get to Bowling Green, and it was dark by then.
The trip home was uneventful, thank the Lord. I had no more walked in the door when the phone rang. When I answered, Glenn said, "Thank goodness! A prayer has been answered!" Of course, he had no idea that the ice storm was coming; neither did the forecasters. I was still pretty wired when he called, and he said maybe I should take a swig of the whiskey he had in the cabinet. I said, "I just poured two fingers of it in a glass, and I'm gonna drink it!" And I did. (The roads had been treated by the time he drove home.)
The next day, the ice maker quit in the refrigerator, and my dryer died.
Like I said, don't like February. Never have.

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