Waste tires to be accepted in Logan Friday
By Nathan Cockrill, Solid Waste Coordinator

Posted on October 18, 2018 6:26 PM

Dumped tires continue to be a major Logan County waste issue. Despite the fact that we held a three-day event in April that collected 22,913 tires, the Logan County Detention Center litter abatement inmate crew has still found 140 tires so far this year and 40 tires along Logan County roads in the month of August, including a tire dump along the Southern Bypass with nine tires in it.

So, we are glad we can host another tire event this year to help with this problem. The state of Kentucky gives counties a waste tire grant so that they can host these tire events. The Logan County Fiscal Court's event this fall is on Friday, Oct. 19.

This event is for three hours only, starting at 9 a.m., and it stops promptly at 12 noon. We will be accepting a limit of 15 old passenger car and/or light truck tires off of the rim only. No other types of tires can be accepted. 

It will be held at the Logan County Road Barn, 1088 Peyton St. in Russellville. This is limited to Logan County residents with proof only and we can't have tire dealers.

The tires will be picked up by a company in Owensboro called, fittingly, Tire Recycling, and recycled into new rubber projects.

We are hopeful this event can deal with some of the tires and help make a better Logan County.

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